January 12, 2014

Does the Universe conspire?

It’s actually the other way round… the universe neither conspires nor does it not conspire with you. It’s YOU, who must align yourself with the universe and act out of your highest potential.

It’s one thing to know what you want, what you want to focus on but it’s quite another to know how to remain open and in line with your Self.

What you “want” is supposed to make your heart sing and it is supposed to be of benefit for all. You can’t want a relationship for example with someone, when he or she does not. On the other hand, you CAN have a relationship with anyone, as long as you don’t mean, “tie them down” or possess them.

Focusing on what you want is allowing the child inside you to come out and play, imagine and create a reality that is joyful, beneficial for all and also includes all. This can be misleading and misinterpreted, so let me include one of my own life’s example here, to make this point better understood.

My six year old is a constant inspiration and source of knowledge for me. I have yet to see her miserable or bored since the beginning of her life. She is totally aligned with who she really is and what she loves doing, expressing without hesitation exactly that, no matter where she is or who is watching. She plays equally well with any child or pack of children and also plays equally well alone, making up stories, people and situations in her own mind if she so chooses to. For her, there is no difference to her well-being whether she is surrounded by people or alone. She is equally happy and content.

Making lists of what you want is a good way of focusing your mind and getting to know yourself, as long as it is used as a tool and not a method of achievement.

I used to believe, long ago, the way most people still believe today, that there are useful and non-useful things, correct and wrong methods, those that work and those that don’t. Yet this is a limiting way of observing the world and a stage we must overcome in our way of thinking.

Everything that exists has derived from a corresponding need for it to be here. What most people miss is that this need simultaneously exists in you as well as others. If it has come to your attention, there is something for you to learn from it, about yourself.

The ego likes to make up theories that it calls realities, changing them to suit its perception, as it goes along. We often don’t realize this unless we start writing down and keeping track of our thoughts, emotions and reactions. Thus, we continue to believe all that we have not really thought about, re-evaluated and reconstructed in our own mind.

I have tried very hard, in many different ways to comprehend the “Law of Attraction”, described in so many ways by many different people. Having finally understood it, I prefer to name it, “The Law of Alignment”, as it is a truer sense of the real meaning of the Universal Law. Nevertheless, this involves a total change of perception and a totally new way of thinking.

The joyful but also uncomfortable truth is that no matter what belief you come across, no matter what truth is presented to you, you can always “check it out” using common sense, a willingness to see and a committed state of observation. Nothing is kept hidden from us, nothing is so far stretched from us that we cannot grasp or understand, as long as we want to and ask to do just that.


  1. I always leave with something after reading here

    1. Thank you! That's my whole point of writing anything. :)
      Still, I think that we should be moving to another step of co-creation... but you've probably read about that too...


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