January 6, 2014

Changing the scenery of dyslexia

If you are dyslexic then there is a whole lot of left-brain functions that you need to learn, in order to function properly in a physical, linear, senses-based society/world. But it is how you learn them and not if you can learn them.

You first need to learn all the qualities, advantages and strengths concerning being right-brained. That is how you’ll build the necessary basis of self-confidence on which you will depend on, to move on to learning whatever it is that you wish to learn.

Through this process, you will discover and realize all the myths that you have been told about dyslexia.

I keep using the word dyslexia, although it has no reference to what it really is, until a new word is found, which will replace our former myths and limiting perception.
All current schools of thought and methods of intervention rely solely on this very limiting perception of dyslexia, not achieving but mere partial intervention, which ultimately leaves out much more than it changes or improves.

And yet, common sense is always the right place to begin…

Right brain characteristics fall under a very wide umbrella of “symptoms” which attempt to form many sub-categories ranging from dyslexia, ADHD, autism, Aspeger’s syndrome and a whole lot more. Often, the fine line that separates many of them is too unspecified to formulate, even though the general idea is there to “fall back on”. And when we attempt to go even deeper into each individual, the safe categorization in a single category does nothing to ensure the methods used, for not all theories and methods apply with the same effectiveness to all.

That is where all opposing opinions and disagreements begin, creating a rather vague spectrum of understanding, that leaves us confused and doubtful. The more we try to establish previous settings, the more fluid they seem.

Having passed from various roles and attempts to “teach dyslexics” as well as other individuals with “learning difficulties”, I have come to the realization that each person is a whole different universe, which needs that special attention and respect, not perfectly fitting into ANY category. That is not a very comfortable place to be as a teacher, mentor or advisor but I guarantee that it is the most creative, the most mind-opening, the most interesting place to be.

Everyone, whether right brained or left brained, dyslexic or “normal”, ADD or Bipolar, Aspeger’s or Autistic, need to go down the same pathway to realize their own Self. And this is where all theories meet, all schools contribute, all areas of study share their knowledge, all opinions come together in one grand image of very different, unique little pieces of puzzle, which must be synthesized and merged. Difficult! But attainable!

The whole process needs to reversed. We are currently focusing on a “diagnosis” which will place a label, which we will then attempt to get rid of. I have seen that the complete opposite works! I don’t care to name something or place it in box of “symptoms” or characteristics that is already defined. I start from a very large and “empty” place of not knowing, not needing to define, not needing to control and so I begin to learn.

The only way that you can really observe and study another is to completely let go of your opinions, all that you already know, assume and hypothesize, based on your former education, knowing and ideas, to open yourself up so wide that you are ready to receive. Questions are more important than answers at this stage. Investigating, forming images inside you that are not your own, "stepping into" experiences and realities without needing to judge or justify them, proves to be a connecting and also a revealing experience for both teacher and student.

All my efforts are now focused on teaching others, whether dyslexic or not, right brained or left brained, the openness needed to learn, the self-observation techniques which will reveal all that is previously seen as seeming obstacles and the self-reliance needed to accomplish the once unbelievable and unreachable.

It is true that there is more “out there” which is invisible to the physical eyes and the surface brain, than is visible. The marvelous reality is that it is all seeable, attainable and available to all who are willing to step out of their limiting thinking processes, by learning more about the process of linear thinking, by discovering the unique meaning of “mind”, its vastness and defferent "levels". If only they step out of their own comfort zone of “knowing” that which they think they know.

It is surely a subject that exceeds any single article or book. It is an experience that is poorly described compared to actually living it, no matter how beautiful the words or how fluent the language used.

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