December 29, 2013

Judgment versus Observation

The easiest thing in the world to do is judge.  We trained throughout our upbringing to do it, we learned it well through our experiences in life and we trusted it to show us what life is all about, who we are and where we stand  within it and with others.

Yet judgment is a closed circuit, a closed reality, leaving no room for anything else. And there is much much more... in fact, most of what is true and real, is always kept on the outside.

The surface mind persuades us that judgment is necessary in the process of linear time, so that we may, at that certain present point in time, choose who we want to be. But we should seriously begin doubting this concept.

Every time you make a judgment about anything or anyone, experiences somehow will reveal to you - if you remain observant and open - that you have misjudged, no matter how open-minded you thought you were or how much of the whole picture you thought you were seeing.
Even when you think that you are "right" and that you have grasped truth, time will magically show you differently, if you are only patient and willing to see through a more expanded - peripheral vision. When it doesn't, when you remain "being right" and on "having judged correctly", you are simply caught in a made-up matrix that you don't want to believe is your own making. You will remain within its web, for as long as you need to defend it, for as long as you need it to play out, to prove to yourself that "you are right" and that you "know".

So, if this is the case, if judgement limits us, prevents us and keeps information from us, how can it be helping us? How is it giving us the control, the knowing that we need in order to express who we want to be? Let's look at observation and another state of being...

Observation is a completely different ground. It is collecting information but remaining open to all that is yet to be seen. It is giving back the role of the linear mind that it was initially supposed to have. It is taking away from it, that which it is not equipped to do.

I have seen that, revealing who we are is not the result of our judgment ability anyway, and the "concrete", secure position that we think it places us in. Self-expression is a result of a complex synthesis of functions and various characteristics/qualities and processes, not fully recognized in the moment or of the thinking mind.

Self-expression is the result of all that we have been, are and will be through our fears, desires, intentions, experiences, teachings,relationships, inner knowing and so much more, if we just paid attention to all that lies within us, in each moment. All of these,  “play” within us in all times, simultaneously! Linear, fragments of time don't separate as the surface mind thinks. Instead, time is diachronic, all at once, where past, present and future, become one in the specific moment. It is something that can only be experiences to be fully understood. Only the descriptions differ.

Self-expression is also a synthesis of information coming in from the environment through our senses directly or indirectly (as far as the surface, thinking mind is concerned), which serve as signs, doorways, indications, for the heart mind (or expanded mind). It is also the result of intuition, urges that suddenly surface,also needs that seek recognition, all beyond our conscious ego-control. Self-expression is the result of so many internal and external occurrences and processes that there is no way to fully grasp the web of information or the many functions going on at the same time, unless we keep practicing and exercising our unique, marvelous, observational skills. 

Judgment leaves little or no room for awareness, as it closes pathways, blocks internal sight and presents made-up, virtual realities, which limit us and leave us empty inside and stranded.

The truth is, that we can never know! No matter how much we think we know, there will always be much more that remains unknown, unrevealed and un-presented to our senses and the attempt of linear categorization of the thinking mind.

In judging, in needing to have an opinion, the egoic-mind thinks it knows and that it retains its control of knowledge and the self. It never can, and this, it will not admit, unless already surrendered to the anticipation of the unknown, to the all-knowing guidance presented to us each time we are willing to trust life, trust our self, walk gracefully, in child-like enthusiasm and wise-like steps through each moment of our life.

There is nowhere to go but so much to see, discover, do, learn and accomplish. There is no other purpose but to live fully now, totally open and willing to flow gracefully through life, in joyous unions, sharing and being. 


Observation is a skill. Like any skill, it is learned. 
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