December 27, 2013

Daring to reveal ourselves

 This is one of those “strange” articles, intended mainly for the blog’s readers  and all the conscious seekers out there who read my articles.

I felt the need to write it down and share this with everyone versus just telling each person separately on a personal level, because I am convinced it concerns us all. Actually, as I can already sense, this will be a sort of “foreword” of my next article, which is already being written.

My main focus here is on sharing and the need of communication. Although I will be going into the subject in even greater detail in the following article, what I would like to stress here is the habit of keeping quiet, the habit of internalizing, the habit of not daring to expose ourselves.

Many of the people that I talk with online and also on a personal level, give me feedback on the ideas presented in the articles that I choose to write about. I hear comments and different viewpoints, I hear personal experiences based on these ideas, and also further understanding in people’s personal lives, due to them. Many share with me, parts of themselves, which they would not easily reveal on the internet, especially on social platforms. I realize what is needed, what has yet to be understood, what helped, what confused or left unanswered questions. It's as if the "real work" is happening behind the scenes.

Why don’t we dare comment? Why don’t people dare to speak their mind? Why do we shy away from revealing who we are in the moment? If we have benefited in any way, why don’t we want to share that with others? Why are we so reluctant on giving feedback, on connecting with others?

I know from experience that even when I go back to read the same article that I wrote a month o two ago, there is a difference; I understand differently, I know more, I have doubted more and moved on, and so on and so forth. Sometimes I see my comments that I had written elsewhere a year or two ago and I know that I would have commented differently today, but so what? Aren’t all our stages acceptable and worthy to share with others? Isn’t what I have to say today useful to at least one person out there who will just "happen" to read the same article or exist in the same state of consciousness as my comment? Can anything exist as a creation without the corresponding demand of it by someone else? Don’t we (yet) believe that we are connected? Isn’t who we are worth revealing? Isn’t this (our own) shift something worth sharing? What are we so afraid of?

When the process is not being revealed and on the other hand, too much attention and importance is placed on a perceived “end goal”, we lose not only the magic but also the opportunity to share and connect with each other, on a sincere basis.

The comments, whatever they might be, also help me focus on what to write, which aspect of a matter to choose to focus on etc. We grow together!

Why not let others see our path, the difficulties, the revelations, the “aha moments”, the confusion and the doubt in action? Why not reveal who we truly are in the moment, whatever that might be? Why take the journey alone and hide away from others, having being convinced by the surface, thinking mind that “we are alone in this”?

As I have said many times, and will do so again (in my next article), this is a co-creative process. The idea that “we are alone” is false. The idea that “we have to go within” is distorted and totally misunderstood.

The subject will continue… for now, I hope for more sharing between you, me and others, ON the blog instead of on irrelevant sites like facebook and google+ (where a quick "like" has taken the place of real conversation) and other social platforms, where the “whole picture” is lost and not placed into perspective, where it belongs.

To all my unknown readers out there, thank you for being here!

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