December 20, 2013

And yet… we are creators!

Still impressed by how easily people are focused on the negative, the lack they don’t want, all that they think they can’t do, all that they think they are prevented from being.

Yet, isn’t that what we, personally do, to a great extent? Why is that easier to do? Because we are focused and stuck on “evidence” from our senses. We don’t realize that the senses and the physical follow the mind and not precede it. And that’s where the confusion sets in.

We think that this is known knowledge but it cannot be as long as we are not revealing it in manifestation, by being that which we preach.

Mind is the creator but not the thinking mind that we think we are. The thinking mind is limited to physicality; it is affected by its surroundings, by what it already sees, which is only the result of creation. Many beliefs hold us captive in this surface mind, without our realization.

What we need to do is align ourselves with our creative mind, the one that intends, imagines and creates. Separated from that, we “create” randomly, in chaos, totally ignorant of our contribution and our responsibility to control the surface mind.

But in order to do that, we need to go through the programmed surface mind, to realize the personal programming and “cut the wires” that keep us in closed circuits; in limited awareness.

So many uplifting teachings are now being given to us. So many inspired teachers offer their share of enlightenment that we can draw from and learn from. Why is all this not working? Why are so many of them needed? Why are so many people not achieving their goals, higher awareness and the peace in their hearts that they seek?

It all comes down to not being willing to “do the work”. As much as we don’t believe in magic, most of us want change magically. We don’t understand our own mind, how reality works, what life is all about and yet we want to thrive, succeed and change society. Paradoxes that we don’t realize exist within us, as long as we are not taking responsibility of our process of thought.

We can read the most inspiring messages, study the very elit of teachers, attempt all the uplifting techniques available to us, and yet we will remain unchanged and still searching for that magic wand that will wake us up from the dream we don’t want to be existing in. Why? Because we have left so much behind. Because we are not aware of our subconscious programming. Because we have never really learned how to observe ourselves and our mind consciously. Because we think we can “cheat” our way through short-cuts that really don’t exist.

Ultimately, we fail to realize the perfection of our intent. We continue to go round in circles, unable to fully understand that whatever exists in our reality is showing us that which we need to see but are blind to.

And yet, de-programming the surface mind is a must. Taking responsibility for our individual thinking process is a step essential to make, whatever we choose to do after that!

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