December 2, 2013

The Critic

When criticism is thrown back in my face, it distorts me in more ways than one. I see the shadow of me; that part that my ego doesn’t want me to see.

But I am in love with truth, with the totality of Me, to simply go with the ego’s trends.

It tells me it will protect me. But why would I need protection from something that isn’t real and just temporary programming that has entered my mind beside my conscious will?

Can I criticize ideas, viewpoints and opinions? That’s just the ego going around sideways. Why would I need to?

Can I see the need for them to exist and understand the inner battle of those who defend them? That is much harder to do and takes heart/love/intent to see beyond the illusion of appearances.

You can only know one by being one.

I can see inside critics because I’ve been there. I understand the fabric of their wiring. It’s a stage we all go through. The whole issue to move beyond it. It’s a tough one…

The only thing that shakes a critic out of his/her assurance and commitment is acceptance. But acceptance is not something a critic understands. YOU need to understand.

Acceptance has nothing to do with the mind; it’s not a matter of “like” or “don’t like”, agreeing or disagreeing. Acceptance is a trait of the heart… it is acquired through understanding, deep understanding that there aren’t flaws in the laws in the creation, just limited perception which keeps us in judgment and therefore at a standstill in our OWN path.

So, what do you do with the critics in your life?

Leave them be, they have their own inner battles to fight and believe me they can take no more from outside forces.

But listen to them, without taking anything personally.

See yourself through the eyes of the observer and not the ego that wants to categorize you and condemn you to hell (inner hell).

What they have to say to you is not what they are saying. What you need to see is not found on the surface of your physical being or surface ego-mind. You need to dig deeper and surface the wisdom that is hidden to your consciousness and linear thinking processes.

It’s a good opportunity to see your own addictions, attachments, theories and limiting beliefs.

It’s also a good opportunity to re-establish your true Intent.

No matter what anyone thinks, says or does, you always have to return to your own thoughts, emotions and actions to realize the hidden truth, which is always there, providing you want to see!

And we do this through self-appreciation, through love and an honest intent to undo our own programming.

It’s not a matter of the other being right or wrong, because a critic is a critic; they have their own inner wars going on. It’s a matter of acceptance and self-observation, which can only be accomplished with discipline, devotion and detachment from opinion; the ego’s or others’.

Thank the critics for they show you what you need to see, which is never evident to the ego. But they are not your friends. Those who are divided within, cannot truly connect with others.

But then, who’s the critic?

The ego sees through the eyes of linear time and continues to judge from the viewpoint of the past.

The real challenge is to see through the eyes of the present moment; always anew, always fresh, always released from presumed concepts of the past… through the innocence of the eyes of the child.

There are no "well-meaning critics"... let's look at the critic within.

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