November 30, 2013

The meaning of joy!

I don't like extremities...

"A day without laughter is a day wasted"! Not so! Don't believe one-sided viewpoints. No matter the context, they are limiting.

Yet, in this post, I want to show a different angle, which we tend to miss or forget...

A friend on facebook sent me the video below, which got me thinking. Take a look...

Buddha on the train

A lovely little video, showing how we are connected through laughter and joy and how we are disconnected by sadness and the drama of the mind. We build our own walls, unable to break them, to be free of them, only because we don't recognize them.

We tend to think that we share our pain and problems but we don’t. We each live our own problems and our pain alone. These are formed in individual and group minds.

Laughter and joy need no reason to exist. They just ARE and they are contagious. Others just can’t resists joining in.

The only reason that we want to share our problems and pain is that we need to compare and place ourselves somewhere on the scale of “better or worse”, in order to feel better about our illusions. We also want justification of our formed illusions. They always need company to be made into reality. Joy doesn’t! It needs no company, that’s why it is always abundant and spreads effortlessly. It is self-sufficient.

The choice is always ours, no matter what the problem is. It’s not a matter or “right or wrong”, it’s a matter of wisdom. I wouldn't advise someone to "choose joy", as positive thought teachings usually do. I'd say, observe the difference... don't choose, accept both. Then you are on the road to self-reliance.

Sometimes (or often), through a negative outlook on life and sadness, we realize hidden fears, egoic intentions, and all that our "dark side" has to reveal to us. It all is essential, to free ourselves from the illusion believed as reality.

Yet, it is observed that through a joyous outlook on life, we find solutions easier, new ideas effortlessly, healing comes more naturally, we are filled with unbeatable power that can transform mountains. It’s called love!

But then, nothing is exclusive or separate from love!
And that's a real tricky one for the mind...

Joy can exist where Self synthesis is...

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