November 20, 2013

Deconstructing reality

Sentence structure in this article is deliberate. See if you can figure out why… also take time to remain on each separate viewpoint and consciously consider your own (clue: read with your right brain or your heart)

If you take it one step further and write down your own truths, that which you believe behind the masks of your roles, you will have a clearer picture of where you are heading and how.


if i am poor, they and i, will believe that i have not mastered what i teach
if i am rich, they and i, will believe that i am preaching from my comfort zone

when nothing seems to be moving, expect the best

closed doors mark open pathways

when we have nothing, we need to realize we have everything

our greatest asset needs to be our Self

de-structuring our ego's comfort zone is a necessity, which will block our way if we refuse

if we do not discharge that which we have convicted, how do we hope to see in innocence

evil is seen through deceived eyes

verbal communication poorly expresses the heart

searching for miracles is like looking for water in the sea

endurance is a poor substitute for patience

we need to dare draw our own pictures, not the ones with the outlines marked on them

the more information we acquire, the more ignorant we become

the i still strong, the pain continues


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