November 20, 2013

What are we looking for, where and how?

Everything that happens is for my own good.

Who is fit to judge this? What are tools that he has to judge?

Surely, the mind that files and categorizes does not seem to understand nor accept all that seem to threaten our very existence.

The more we try to control and to steer our personal life (because there is no other), the more we seem to be failing at the attempt.

We begin to search high and low, looking for answers, solutions, treatments and techniques, for the purpose of becoming “more able” to stand at the center of our lives and sense the value and meaning of our existence.

Yet, sooner or later, we discover that all these attempts remain temporary, surface solutions. What could really last, what would be eternal? What could exist that would instinctively, effortlessly calm us, and provide us with true, worthwhile answers, which would not lurch, no matter what, under any circumstances?

At some point, we acknowledge or are told, that we need to “go within”. But where? How? What are we looking for? Theories can no longer be enough, words fail to persuade us…

And as we continue to search, trying to change directions, we watch our lives tumble down as we inevitably lose every control. Waiting for others or society to change, seems to be equally unavailing and paranoid.

Many become disheartened, others continue to search and simultaneously doubt all that they find. The symptoms multiply, emotions remain uncontrollable, even if they are hidden; the wondering continues.

Nevertheless, the answer remains right in front of us, only we are unable to see or understand it!

Continuing to search with the same mind that creates the perception that we already have, we are continuing - with mathematical accuracy - to have the same distortions that we have been persuaded are real and objective.

And somewhere here, our real quest begins; the only path towards our liberation…

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