November 25, 2013

Spirit – Soul Connection

We live by our beliefs and that’s why it is difficult to rise above them and above our ego.

The ego IS a structure that we have formed with timeless repetitions, which result, through gaining expertise in structuring, de-structuring and re-structuring. We spend lifetimes believing we ARE our beliefs and our formed egos.

Karma… Where does it fit into all of this? Everything we were, are, will be, transmutes in one single, eternal moment, in which we can make the Spirit – Soul connection and rise above time and space, as well as fragmented perception.

Why were we born?

Because we wanted to!

The Soul – a playful eternal child doesn’t make distinctions: good – bad, self-serving – self-threatening. It is devoted to exploring, expanding and transcending the known.

We can know everything we need to know, by studying ourselves and studying life. Especially children! Through "open" children, we can see the Soul...

...when most just see the surface personality.


We learn “the hard way” for as long as we need to. There is no one punishing us but our own ego and its beliefs, which is set on defending and/or imposing. No one can judge another person's path, not even the ego is capable of judging the self. We confuse the self with ego, assuming there is nothing beyond that which we can perceive with our senses and surface mind (which serves the ego).

How easy is it for people to misjudge others’ motives and intentions! It is exceptionally easy and something that most of us do continuously, as it saves us from shifting perception and letting go of our beliefs and structures..

All emotions derive from the ego; the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, the enhancing and the limiting. Two sides to the same coin. What serves and what does not serve the ego. People are afraid that without emotions they will be less human. Advertisements have been successfully created towards these beliefs. Societies have been built on such states of being, throughout time. Shifting from one polarity to the other has been our greatest achievement in human experience, on a collective level.

Yet reality lies beyond emotions, within a stilled silenced mind – a product of an unaffected, fearless heart There lie the insights and the wisdom that permit transcendence, awakening and conscious, spontaneous creation, free from any outcome, yet totally ensured of its completion.

Rise above emotions: observe them, without ANY judgment, preference, and categorization. Rise above the intellect, freeing the self from the ego's judgment, unattached to any reaction or response. That is the first “initiation”.

The second ”initiation” is getting in touch with your own Higher Knowledge and accepting Its superiority with grace and gratitude (humility concerns the ego and is essential).

The third “initiation” is daring to convert the Knowledge given, into wisdom through experience.

That is when we finally answer the calling to change our lives and live through the Spirit, defining society where and when we have to. It is the long awaited for, matrimony of Spirit and Soul, producing a new Illuminated expression of Self within individuality, as One, authentic, en-Lightened and in-Love being.

(Suitable words, producing a completely new vibration will be discovered and formed when the critical mass has achieved this heightened state of awareness).


The body is a tool, an experiential tool, but of no value of its own. Once we have transcended the attachment and dedication to serving it, it can then can be transformed, illuminated or exposed of, according to the Spirit’s Higher purpose for it.

All theories, analysis, informational knowledge, serve the intellect. Neither good nor bad, it is all, temporarily informative, satisfying a very small part of who we really are. Ultimately, all information has to be forgotten, as what lies beyond the intellect is greatly vaster than anything we can conceive while contracted and attached to the egoic (instinctive – intellectual – psychological) experience.

To constantly observe, unattached and un-emotional is extremely difficult and threatening to the ego. All identity and conformity lost, our structured ego – mistaken for the Ego – feels lost, insecure and alone.

The second re-birth, while in the flesh! This time not contracting but expanding, to what seems chaotic, life threatening and a leap into the unknown. No human fantasy can grasp the magnitude. The gate is not even visible to the unprepared.


Nothing ends.

Linear time is an illusion we have manifested to declare, differentiate and experience our egos. When the real Ego is realized, completely free from all programming, then, time and space are not needed, as perception widens to the extent that it seizes to be fragmented awareness; it becomes spontaneous, effortless knowing, creating existence. Time and space are no longer seen as burdens and obstacles that we need to transcend or meet, when existing from this ascended state of awareness.

This is not a path for the mere inquisitive or for the non-courageous emotional egos. Yet, at the same time, we are ALL on the same path, each in our own pace, way and expression, serving the Self.

As long as we are here, within ego, we need to “go back” to the beginning, each time; to observing (unattached to any previous knowing), innocent as a newborn child - re-discovering, re-learning, re-living from scratch, anew, innocently empty and simultaneously vast. But, the more we achieve, the more we see and know, the more difficult it becomes to return to innocence, than when we started off (with nothing to hold on to, nothing to lose).

Very few pass this trial of the Soul, not realizing that they are attached to their egos, their beliefs, their knowledge; their “possessions”.

The ego tries to find reasons, meaning and purpose, creating theories, belief structures and methods to follow. These are stepping stones that after a certain point have no effect and have to be left behind. Purpose is found beyond attachment to specific intellectual concepts, rituals and symbols. Meaning is found beyond duality, where Spirit connects with Soul and guides each and every step of the individuated -  collective way.

The ego can never know, can never accomplish what it simply cannot...


  1. Dear Xristiana, Thank you, thank you, you have hit the nail on the head as they say in English. I feel this in my being as I read your words, being is beyond duality and concepts fall away to leave the present to manifest beautifully. Thank you for your elegant words and the truth of your words. The one paragraph reminded me of sacred geometry where you put the point of the compass back to the centre after each outward movement when the flower of life is drawn. Thank you I wish to saythat I feel humble and grateful that you are here.
    Love and Blessings,
    PS I did not realise this was for publishing but I felt I wanted to show my appreciation. I forgot I was not writing to the forum.

    1. Thanks Keith, although this is one of the articles that I had a hard time putting into words...

      The insights are given for all of us and the forum is the place where we can understand them better, put them into practicality and also (most important) share our insights as well as our experiences. Therefore, the one does not exclude but complement the other.

      We might not yet be ready for our next step in co-creation, but the forum still stands and patiently serves its purpose.

      Thanks for being here too... it's nice to know that my articles reach the heart... the mind is already over-cultivated. :)

  2. Most often, I "forget" I'm writing for public viewing too...


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