November 22, 2013

Challenges for Warriors

Wisdom is found when we transcend the surface (or lower) mind.

Beyond thoughts, which we have accepted and observed in objectivity and humility, lies the knowledge that we seek.

Thoughts form patterns, which the linear mind cannot perceive. We need the cooperation of the right brain to see beyond fragments of reality that seem chaotic but from a distance form a unique magnificent image of meaning and purpose.

The challenge is to “leave your judgmental mind behind as you flow through life, observing your existence”.

We can only do this if our brain has been taught to function as a whole, combining all necessary operations, to serve the self.

When we learn to exist, simultaneously, on “multiple realities”, we can transcend our physical, psychological, lower intelligence, uniting with our higher guidance, for the good of our Self and all humanity.

We are ALL students, even those of us who teach... or ESPECIALLY those of us who teach. The ego needs constant reminders. No matter how much we know, we never stop learning. No matter how much we accomplish by our self, we always need higher teachers, pointing the way.

When we find that we are repeatedly learning through pain, we need to acknowledge and transcend this need. Learning through pain, weakens our energy field and then we need even more energy to replace the loss.

The biggest challenge of all, is to remain willing to rise above each and every accomplishment, which the ego wants to feed on. We need to move beyond the comfort zone of knowingness and identification.

Beyond duality lies an ocean of new information, remaining hidden to the attached mind.

We are inter-related, even though a separation is evident, as is linear, fragmented reality. Both serve a chosen purpose, which if not respected and used wisely, become illusions, difficult to overcome.

We need two hands to embrace someone we love, as two people are needed to recognize and embrace an open heart. Hearts are not isolated, minds are. Two candles light brighter than one.

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