November 22, 2013

The Power to release

The only way we can experience pain, is if we have inflicted pain on others. Our Self is ALWAYS expressed through others.

We do not forgive or ask for forgiveness. That is acknowledging an illusion as reality. It is the ego’s way.

We need to dissolve the illusion, through a completely open and liberated heart, freeing the other and our self at the same time, from the drama experienced as pain.

What we ask for is the power and the wisdom to open our hearts truthfully and completely, to include all, unconditionally. This involves gratitude, for all that we have learned, for all the roles that were played willingly and perfectly by all, including ourselves, for all the darkness that pointed to the light.

We have all been warriors, fighting inner and outer battles, the best way we knew how. We thought and believed that love could be separated and excluded from our created illusions. It never was. As one by one wakes up to this reality, we free each other from the separation that our lower mind and our senses persuaded us of.

The deeper the pain, the longer the illusion persisted. Liberation is spontaneous and yet the hardest thing to master. Misconceptions of the ego, have ensured that only the most courageous, the open-hearted will pass the gates of freedom and fragmented perception.

And when the time comes and we are ready, we realize! We mourn. We feel the grief, in every cell of our body, in every corner of our mind. Our heart begins melting all the surrounding walls that kept it hidden and closed, judgmental and distantly cold.

The transition from closure to expanded living is also a painful one, as all pain and all illusions drown our being in a cataclysmic way, so that we may See, through the eyes of the other. We need to endure. We need to allow…

It cannot be a general, abstract thought process. It all must be specific and fully experienced, on all levels of the personality; physical, emotional and our thinking mind.

We, as much as they, have been living a dream, which we can awaken from, as we continue to live, through strong, loving, fearless hearts.

And then we know what stillness of the mind is. Then we realize the meaning of peace in our soul. Only then, can we really be free from limited perception, as we shatter more and more matrices, which we have created around us.

We will continue to be warriors, knowing that in the dream we need to play the roles that we have chosen, to fulfill our purpose. But we shift to being conscious co-creators, with One Vision, One World, One Life.

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