October 25, 2013

Why I am so “obsessed” with self-observation

 There is nothing else that you really need to look for or do, if you really learn to observe yourself and life. Everything that you will ever need, can be found in this plethora of information. Self-observation will reveal to you that all this is much more than you can comprehend or take in, at once.

I do not care to find the reason why we are not taught this at a very early stage, looking for answers in the past and blaming others or myself. That would be a big waste of energy for nothing, leading me nowhere. My time of interest is the present, which forms the future. That which I care about is who I am right now and what I am doing.

October 23, 2013

Freedom is earned!

So much theory going around and yet people are still in search for more. We’ve heard it all. What are we still waiting for?

And then I remember that not everybody has “heard it all” and that there are many people still, who are just beginning to doubt, search and also get consumed by all these theories and different opinions that we all seem to be bombarded with. Everyone is entitled to their own timing right?

Yet there is another group of people, the largest one I think. These are the people who have believed that they can get everything by giving nothing; that they can save time and money going from one free event to the next, that they can know truth by reading others’ opinions, that want to receive without risking anything… especially all that they consider valuable and scarce to them. And unfortunately, the truth is once again reversed!