October 23, 2013

Freedom is earned!

So much theory going around and yet people are still in search for more. We’ve heard it all. What are we still waiting for?

And then I remember that not everybody has “heard it all” and that there are many people still, who are just beginning to doubt, search and also get consumed by all these theories and different opinions that we all seem to be bombarded with. Everyone is entitled to their own timing right?

Yet there is another group of people, the largest one I think. These are the people who have believed that they can get everything by giving nothing; that they can save time and money going from one free event to the next, that they can know truth by reading others’ opinions, that want to receive without risking anything… especially all that they consider valuable and scarce to them. And unfortunately, the truth is once again reversed!

No wonder we are not changing on a collective scale.

No wonder we expect outer saviors and leaders.

No wonder we continue the blame game, fighting with each other over perceived culprits.

But it is getting us nowhere except retaining us in ignorance.

I used to think that freedom was my right. I know better now. Freedom is earned by those who deserve it and are willing to live for it, by it and in no other way. I learned the hard way that I had to give up all that I considered valuable and all that I thought (knew) I didn’t have to give away, in order to earn my freedom, which no one and nothing could take away from me. It’s done!

Paying the price in experience, money (that was scarce), relationships that seemed inevitable and lasting, yet dysfunctional and draining, illnesses that taught me through pain and much more, I can now safely and surely say, “it was all worth it”! Looking back, I would change nothing, for everything that I lived and lost and gained in the process, was absolutely necessary for my path. But, am I wishing the same for all? Definitely not!

I know that we can save ourselves a lot of hardship, pain, difficulties and draining experiences. I know because I was trained to learn, I was “used” to find other ways, which I (my Self) wanted me to offer, as a gift of my existence.

Many times I become disheartened, wondering if people see me as a crazy woman or someone who has just popped up out of nowhere, saying her thing, which no one listens to. Then, I get messages like the one below, which are little indications that there is someone listening out there.

“…What you are bringing in the world is current, transcends spirituality in the way we are used to the term, and deals directly with the core matters that synthesize a human being, also it is delivered very simply with no frills or complicated manuals. Therefore, I'd like to see many and I mean MANY more people coming closer to this a step to the direction of The Self..The time for this work is now..After all, the gods of "Babylon" ie consuming, religion, self-ignorance are failing really rapidly to pacify the masses. "Catastrophies" are now a daily occurrence around the globe, so are political and civil unrests. It all indicates to the point of explosion(s) and the subsequent immediate need that humans will have is: "WHAT DO I DO NOW"? This question will bring millions to the WORK. You are already doing this, you are a "tool provider" for people, to help them liberate themselves from the prison that both themselves and others created through separation from their essence.

So...this work you do now should be intensified by making the work and your words available in a wider audience and also the interaction between people and the blog/you easier to get to…”

For a long time, I thought I could reach everyone and wanted to help everyone. Now I know I cannot and I am not meant to. I know that it is not a matter of “becoming known” along the lines of marketing that many use because they can and because they want to become celebrities. That is not my desire.

My desire is to make a substantial difference, in the hearts and the lives for those who have rejected the theory “all for nothing” and are done searching the theories, the opinions, the ancient texts, for answers to their most inner doubts, their life's problems; the very purpose of their existence. Anonymity does not bother me, because I don’t remember names anyway… but I know and remember people who have touched my heart, who have helped expanded my mind and had the wisdom and the patience to guide me to my Own path and my Inner Wisdom.

I don’t exactly know when spirituality got separated from physicality, from psychology, the psyche or from every aspect of our lives, for that matter. All I know for sure is that it is a big scam that will be revealed sooner or later…. The latest, the more pain and suffering.

Without more analysis that tires us all, I will continue to write for those who have ears to listen, and teach those who are willing to devote themselves to their OWN path, having finished with roaming around, searching for the freebies. My question is: what are you willing to give, in exchange for your freedom? How valuable is freedom to you?

That is the question!

There is only one correct answer, and only when you come up with it, will you find exactly what You are looking for , in exactly the right form that is right for You, in exactly the right "price" for You.

Then, you will be on your way to your true freedom!

Photo by Manos Photiou

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