August 11, 2013

The real power within you

Intent is the power of the universe. 
It is the force that creates and destroys worlds. 
It is the power that sustains all.

The intention of your Self is always evident. You can ignore it or admit it, but it is who you are.

We need to re-educate ourselves to observe, to be in touch with our own self and realize the hidden truth behind our surface mind's lies.

Becoming who we really are is our greatest challenge, because we have always been who we are, so we are unlikely to realize what that is!

August 10, 2013

Don’t try to discipline ADHD children, try to understand them

Understanding does not mean submit to them, or give upon them or let them be “who they are”, for they do not know who they are yet. They need your help to focus, understand, accept and express themselves. Understanding takes some effort, but not I the sense that you understand the word. 

The ego understands “effort” as something difficult, tiring and sometimes unrealistic. The “effort” that I mean here involves willingness more than anything else. The willingness to shift your perception, to “enter” their mind and reality and to realize what is going on in there, what it means, what benefits and positive aspects you can identify with… through experience.

An ADHD child exists in a different reality. Time and space take on different meanings, not only in a general way, but EVERY time. Forcing them out of their perceived time-space reality in a cruel or abrupt manner gives them a totally wrong interpretation of themselves, and they are thrown automatically to self-judgment and self-rejection. That is when you have lost the game of communication and any opportunity of connecting, understanding and gaining from them. That is how you submit them to being “normal”, like everyone else, which they know, deep inside, that it is a lie.

Reverse all that you have been told and all that you have been doing. It is not easy, but it is worth it. It is not normal, but it is truth.

August 6, 2013

Beyond that which you know

It’s not how much time you spend creating that which you desire to create. It’s how much time you spend with your Self in the process of it all. 

It’s not how hard you work at something. It’s how light (weightless) you are within yourself. 

It’s not how long you can wait for something. It’s how you “wait”, which is never static.

It’s not how much you believe in something. It’s how deeply you know, beyond all beliefs.

What you do becomes a reflection of who you Are, which the ego will always judge by appearance. 

August 4, 2013

Who qualifies as normal anyway?

This is NOT what dyslexia is!
This is what the focused, single perspective left brain sees!

As long as the left brain people want to divide the world into "their perspective" (as truth or "reality") or else "no other perception", we will continue to limit our children, prevent the creative people from offering their highest potential to the world and limit ourselves in the process too. 

Dyslexia is about being right brained, which does not automatically mean "deficient" or "disabled" in any way! I am wondering why, on a collective basis, we have yet to acknowledge that EVERYONE has a right brain or their own, which they are not using.

August 3, 2013

For courageous hearts and daring minds

 The ego is afraid of the silence more than anything. The emptiness, the loss of or non existence of fixed images or stable emotions. The fluidity of everything that holds nothing concrete and stable. The cataclysmic realization of not knowingness, which threatens its very existence. 

If you are a trained observer, you realize the discomfort, the need to escape the inevitable. You know that there is nothing that you can DO but ride through the reality emerging in your life’s cycle. It’s a lot more evident than anything you have experienced before. There are no images coming and going, no emotions shaping your psyche. There is just you floating, moving, yet seemingly stuck and nowhere. Only those who have dared the experience can recognize the words and the reality behind them.

It is a very important stage for your consciousness, one that the ego will fight to escape from, with every trick it has learned, following your previous tactics, which you have used to strengthen it.