August 6, 2013

Beyond that which you know

It’s not how much time you spend creating that which you desire to create. It’s how much time you spend with your Self in the process of it all. 

It’s not how hard you work at something. It’s how light (weightless) you are within yourself. 

It’s not how long you can wait for something. It’s how you “wait”, which is never static.

It’s not how much you believe in something. It’s how deeply you know, beyond all beliefs.

What you do becomes a reflection of who you Are, which the ego will always judge by appearance. 

It’s not how much knowledge you’ve acquired, it’s how you are transforming that knowledge to wisdom, rising from within.

It’s not how much you’ve been through. It’s how well you’ve taken it all in.

It’s not how far and how hard you can keep going. It’s how well you are managing to shift, to leave and to start over. 

It’s not who you have become. It’s who you have always been.

It’s not how peaceful you seem. It’s how well you are able to integrate all situations and states of being, with the same respect, devotion and sense of centering within. 

Each moment is an opportunity to step into eternity… but you need to be naked, completely free to be granted an entrance.

It's not how well you understand all this. It's how fully you have become it, beyond words.

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