August 4, 2013

Who qualifies as normal anyway?

This is NOT what dyslexia is!
This is what the focused, single perspective left brain sees!

As long as the left brain people want to divide the world into "their perspective" (as truth or "reality") or else "no other perception", we will continue to limit our children, prevent the creative people from offering their highest potential to the world and limit ourselves in the process too. 

Dyslexia is about being right brained, which does not automatically mean "deficient" or "disabled" in any way! I am wondering why, on a collective basis, we have yet to acknowledge that EVERYONE has a right brain or their own, which they are not using.

Yes, both brains are needed and used in cooperation with each other to achieve the best results. But unless our left brain Western societies willingly shift their limited, single-view perception to see the bigger picture, the alternative perspectives and get a glimpse of the whole, magnificent universe within themselves, their own mind, we have no change of liberating our children from our own madness; that we should all be alike.

Oh, the theories exist and the current modern spirituality people are preaching it thoroughly. But intellectual, linear processing, analyzing, is STILL way beyond right brain thinking, which they/we know nothing about. This is a VAST "space" and way of thinking that we are talking about. How naive to think that we can map and categorize it, drawing conclusions, thinking that we "know", which are ALL tools of the left brain's way of processing thought!

Until the experts, main stream media and more importantly parents realize that understanding their children and being able to help and provide for them positively and creatively passes through themselves; understanding their own mind, unleashing their own creative minds, we will continue to share and believe such theories as the above. 

Dyslexia is often accompanied by ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (with or without hyperactivity). How the system loves to name anything it does not really understand as a "disorder"! This still amazes me, even after 25 or so years in the field of "learning difficulties". 

There are many similarities between the two "syndromes", making it difficult to distinguish where the one stops and the other begins. Most dyslexics, also have some kind of attention or focus "difficulty"... which of course is another myth! They are just VERY selective, leaving out what the "normal" people feel they have to do to belong to the norm and lead structured lives. 

The worst thing you can do to these kids is medicate them. The next worse thing you can do, is believe that there is "something wrong with them" and you need to "fix them" or change them. 

In all my years of teaching, I have yet to discover a child that CANNOT learn. There are many children who do not want to learn because they have believed they cannot. There are many children who learn in different ways and I have had to change my ways of teaching... ALWAYS learning much in the process from them. But never have a found a child who CANNOT learn! 

What parents find difficult to process, when I used to take on their kids (now I help parents understand and then 80% of my work is done), were the difficult questions that I addressed to them and they could not answer, except with cliche beliefs and social views that I knew they had not doubted or chosen consciously. But that's totally different from labeling your child and trying to change her/him. 

Parents need to FIRST doubt what they have been told. We have to be alert and in touch with our own intuition. I know many many mothers who feel it in their heart and just know it, that all this is wrong, that we have taken a wrong turning in diagnosing these children. Most are still too afraid to speak out, to doubt authority, to say no to "treatment" methods. 

But it all starts at home... with us!

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