February 27, 2014

The truth about books

How can I ever express all the amazing thoughts that are running in my mind? How also, can I ever express the amazing feelings that are running continuously through me?

Truth is so amazingly simple that it continues to scare people away.

Bits and pieces of thoughts, scattered here and there, can mean nothing to the disassociated Man and in the meantime can show through a hologram, the grand unification of the One (whole) Mind.

February 26, 2014

The money taboo and judgment

This morning I was reading a really interesting, long discussion on facebook, on very crucial subjects. For those of you who believe that facebook is a waste of time, I’d like to say that you have believed one more story, without thinking for yourselves beyond the obvious and the collectively accepted.

Nevertheless, I realized once more, that too much talking and endless analysis doesn’t help the mind to think freely but quite the contrary, prevents creative thought. This is another subject, which I’ll probably get back to at some point.

February 25, 2014

Be all that you CAN be

We are always told that we should “be who we really are”. But the point is, that we are ALWAYS being who we really are!

The only problem with that is that our mind and/or the world has a problem with who we are. And that’s how the confusion begins within, and extends without.

First you need to understand that you are always who you want to be. And becoming consciously aware of that, is a long road in itself.

It takes a lot of real de-programming of the mind, a complete change in the way that you think, to achieve that. Until finally, you come to the realization, that there was never a moment in your life when you weren’t who you really wanted to be.

February 22, 2014

Seasons of the Soul

Trying to "forget" our truth, which remains hidden under our own lies, is what is keeping us astray.

We don't trust our own thoughts, we have forgotten how to think. We have learned to trust the thoughts of others, ignorant of their underlying intentions.

I Am preparing for Spring; a time of expansion, of creating the new. The core knowledge within me knows this truth, as seasons change to meet my Will.

Winter is a time of contraction, of contemplation, reflection of previous actions. The stillness is essential. The motionless action serves our purpose of being.

February 21, 2014

Beyond the Visible

If you try to change someone way before their time, long before they have the opportunity to understand, to take in, to absorb the change, it can lead to madness or to the complete opposite results.

In most cases, this is not even possible. Each person walks by his/her own free will. But even when it is accomplished, temporarily, because you have the power to do so, it will all turn against you and against that which you are trying to accomplish.

Enforced or un-willed (from the heart) change is only temporarily possible. Whatever “temporarily” means; days, weeks, months, years. If it’s not your own Will, it will convert back to what it was... to what you really are, eventually, with all the consequences of the action involved and experienced.

February 19, 2014

Afraid of our own thoughts (?)

It’s actually hard to imagine but we are being taught to be afraid of our own thoughts. Of course, well meaning teachers and counselors don’t call it fear, but many other things, which don’t initially seem like fear…

Concentrate on that which you want and like, is life enhancing and positive.

Change your negative thoughts into inspiring, positive ones.

Focus on thoughts of light, so that you may attract the light in your life.

February 18, 2014

Imagination through Observation

Imagination is the strongest (or only) key to altering our experience. It is the most valuable tool and yet it is neither understood nor cultivated. On the contrary!

Remember the saying, “it’s just your imagination”? Even the image I have included in the post is not an accurate one... science has still too much to learn... and yet we follow blindly...


I have decided to communicate mostly through my work; my articles and the blog. 
They will not be just "articles" anymore, but simple, "random" thoughts, which can nevertheless produce hundreds of articles... 

It is considered normal and a sign of maturity, to plan ahead, have goals, design or envision the next day. Does it work out? Does this ensure whatever we are striving for? Are we better prepared for the unknown, presenting itself without warning, in front of us? Are we happier, calmer, wiser?

Guessing most of the probable answers, I'll go on...

February 17, 2014

An amazing force of Will

I don’t like fancy words and I don’t think that God or nature like fancy words either. Yet, I feel a strong force of Will, rising from inside me, each morning that I wake up, to greet the day with enthusiasm and curiosity.

No matter what is going on, what challenges I must face, what difficult decisions I must make, how my body feels or what specifically my mind is thinking about, this Will, this rising force from deep inside of me, never fails to emerge.

What is it though? Where is it coming from? Am I different from other people? Many people seem to think so, assuming that they are just “cut out differently” or that I cannot possibly have the same issues or problems that they do.

February 14, 2014

United Self

Yes, one part of me sees the static part of life.

Nothing is changing, nothing is moving, nothing real is being created. But the real challenge is not in what this one part of me can see or realize. Besides, how can I prove it wrong? I need to be willing to see and realize its viewpoint, its disappointment, its purposelessness.

Can I remain? Am I willing to see what the other part of me is seeing without wanting to run away, without needing to change everything by taking a sponge and wiping it all away in fear and arrogance? That is my first challenge.

February 11, 2014

Intentional or unintentional focusing

...Your Personal Beam of Light

Think in images and emotions rather than with intellect and logic…

Being an individual, you have a personal beam of Light, which radiates according to your personal power of Truth and Love, which you are able to transmit.

Each time you focus, you are turning your personal beam of Light towards someone or something specifically, altering it accordingly.

February 10, 2014

The basics of Self-awareness

We often have to “go back” and remind ourselves of the fundamental concepts, which we then need to apply in our lives. The simpler they are stated, the more meaning they have. Trying to “become aware” without having a clear picture of what that really means, is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The journey is always a personal one, as we learn to accomplish a healthy relationship with our self. But many words have been misused and many intellectual concepts have puzzled rather than cleared the way for us. We each seem to have a subjective, vague idea of words and concepts, which we don’t really doubt or clarify. This is essential and the purpose of this article.

Enlightenment, awareness, ascension or self-realization?

February 9, 2014

Realizing our own deception

It’s easy to blame the world when our subconscious thoughts – the ones playing in the background, which we haven’t been trained to observe – are carving our reality moment by moment. And whatever we say, no matter how much we blame, try to change, attempt to convert, educate and try to "raise others",we still have not mastered our own mind... entirely!

Don’t be mistaken; it’s not something that is easy to do or that you can take light-heatedly. Many of the greatest minds on Earth are still attempting this basic, essential control of their own mind. It doesn’t involve intelligence. It involves will-power and a whole new focus on life, your reality and your own mind. Are you ready for it?

February 4, 2014

Our contribution

What we contribute to, we strengthen.
We contribute with our thoughts, intentions, beliefs, ideas and opinions, no matter what our actions look like.

The real action is happening in the mind, where it cannot be seen with physical eyes, where it cannot be judged by anyone or hidden from ourselves.

Nothing can be understood unless observed. And nothing can be observed if judged.

Αs soon as we are willing to see something that is limiting inside our self, it simultaneously shifts in energy, as we courageously express it. Expression has to be outwardly focused; in writing, with our own Self or with the one it concerns and whom we trust.

February 3, 2014

Way beyond normal thinking

When things seem to be persisting and not changing, then there is obviously something to do.

The surface-mind/ego understands “doing” as physical action; nothing more. But physical action is the expression of the already created within the creative-mind/self. It takes two to tango!

Every creation begins within the mind, where “mind” is an abstract word, with many levels, many functions, many meanings. Being constantly willing to explore our own mind, instead of remaining focused to that tiny percentage (the surface mind), which we feel comfortable in using, is essential.


So much is happening and yet all remains the same. It’s enough to drive an insane man round the bend.

No, it’s not written wrong. Insanity is what most people have, thinking that they are sane.

Seeing all this “from a distance” makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time… as you continue to play, without taking part in the madness, observe without getting caught in the observed.

And yet we continue… "Sanity is all we have", thinking that all others are insane.

Words at play, as long as consciousness sleeps, thinking it is awake.

February 2, 2014

Understanding the mind matters

Before we even think of creating consciously, we need to understand the "I" (ego), the "self" and the the Higher Self, through experience. This is basic knowledge needed that is not available throughout our education and upbringing. 

Actually, there are “three” of us…. The “I”, the “self” and the “Self”… Interesting stuff; essential knowledge for our everyday living, as long as we remain constantly aware. 

Words don’t matter, but experience does.