February 18, 2014

Imagination through Observation

Imagination is the strongest (or only) key to altering our experience. It is the most valuable tool and yet it is neither understood nor cultivated. On the contrary!

Remember the saying, “it’s just your imagination”? Even the image I have included in the post is not an accurate one... science has still too much to learn... and yet we follow blindly...

A vivid imagination, capable of creating totally new and different realities is a product of keen observational skills. The two go hand in hand. Neither can exist without the other.

When observation is not taught, cultivated, and accepted/appreciated as an essential tool of life, then neither does imagination grow to produce its fruits of creativity.

They are both open to practice and expertise beyond "normal".

Observing one or two little details of everyday life, which the surface-mind names “important”, trying to make sense out of reality, and the world, is a very limiting tactic.

With more willingness and practice, observation reaches deeper and wider levels of perception and knowing.

Imagination/visualization, in its turn, produces answers, solutions, creations, beyond the known or the "norm", which is becoming evidently insufficient…

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