February 18, 2014


I have decided to communicate mostly through my work; my articles and the blog. 
They will not be just "articles" anymore, but simple, "random" thoughts, which can nevertheless produce hundreds of articles... 

It is considered normal and a sign of maturity, to plan ahead, have goals, design or envision the next day. Does it work out? Does this ensure whatever we are striving for? Are we better prepared for the unknown, presenting itself without warning, in front of us? Are we happier, calmer, wiser?

Guessing most of the probable answers, I'll go on...

Reality is formed moment by moment within and is expressed without.

What IS, is co-created moment by moment, way beyond appearances and totally beyond the surface mind's limited perception.
We "plan" our inner reality. We intend our purpose of existence, each new day. We connect with our real self.
We nurture our vision, which is different from having dreams/wanting/wishing.
We realize our true inner substance. We express our deepest truth moment to moment.

That's "planning" our day!

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