February 3, 2014


So much is happening and yet all remains the same. It’s enough to drive an insane man round the bend.

No, it’s not written wrong. Insanity is what most people have, thinking that they are sane.

Seeing all this “from a distance” makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time… as you continue to play, without taking part in the madness, observe without getting caught in the observed.

And yet we continue… "Sanity is all we have", thinking that all others are insane.

Words at play, as long as consciousness sleeps, thinking it is awake.
How much of the world makes sense to you and if it doesn’t what are you doing about it?
What are YOU doing about it, apart from looking for others to blame for it?

Words are funny little things… I wish that the experts would understand what “right brained” people see/understand/know, instead of trying so hard to change them or “teach” them. Words are magical little squiggles that come to life according to the consciousness that perceives them.

They can change, reverse, expand or contract according to the creations of the mind. Yet, most people still don’t understand the world of communication through symbols…

Can you be insane and THAT being a good thing?!!!

Being IN-sanity gives you the privilege of seeing much more than appears to be. It’s like walking through another world when others are walking past you totally ignorant of all that truly exists.

But, playing with words is a product of expanding your consciousness, of altering your perception, of being willing to “look away from” all that you think exists, to be able to see all that truly IS and is not static.

Future schools and future learning will include all this in, and will become a magical, uplifting experience.

For the time being, it’s the adults of this world that need an education; a very different kind of education, which is not available in the mainstream systems because it involves un-schooling/deprogramming/de-conditioning… 

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