February 4, 2014

Our contribution

What we contribute to, we strengthen.
We contribute with our thoughts, intentions, beliefs, ideas and opinions, no matter what our actions look like.

The real action is happening in the mind, where it cannot be seen with physical eyes, where it cannot be judged by anyone or hidden from ourselves.

Nothing can be understood unless observed. And nothing can be observed if judged.

Αs soon as we are willing to see something that is limiting inside our self, it simultaneously shifts in energy, as we courageously express it. Expression has to be outwardly focused; in writing, with our own Self or with the one it concerns and whom we trust.

What we contribute to…

that is very important and something that shouldn’t be an effort but a natural consequence of our inner reality and essence.

No matter how much the ego tries to hide from our consciousness, we need to find the courage to look at our structured identity “in broad daylight” and take responsibility of who we have become, beneath all masks, roles and wishful thinking.

The ego loves to play games, which we have learned to take very seriously. Unaware of our thinking process, what makes us jump or what our deeper thoughts and beliefs are, we remain victims of a programming that is not our own.

The easiest thing in the world is to become forgetful, to defocus and to fall back on past strategies of thinking that are all too familiar and comfortable. Being self-aware takes total commitment and continuous devotion, no matter how much we know, regardless of all the time spent previously, diving into ourselves. The moment we attach to our identity, the very same moment we lose touch with our Higher Self.

Is the effort worthwhile? Can mastery really be achieved? Those are the ego’s questions and if they remain unanswered, it won’t be long before it persuades us of the unattainable or the needless difficulty that we can live without.

Until we realize that there is nowhere else to go… until we realize that there is nothing else to do and until we realize that our own stalling adds to others’ difficulty too! 

That's when the journey really begins and there is no turning back. Knowledge is a life-long journey providing us with the fruits of wisdom every step of the way.

It is a unique journey and different from anyone else's journey through life. But each responsible individual becomes a masterpiece, which fits perfectly in the magnificent grand image of co-creation, based on monumental shifts of perception and revelations of magical contributions.

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