November 19, 2015

The traveler

If we don’t appreciate that which is lost, we don’t appreciate that which is coming.

Changes are fast but only if we can observe beyond the surface of the mind. The waves rise and fall, perhaps not as evident on the outside; to others. Linear reality doesn’t work that way. It works in a straight line, reaches a peak and then falls.

It’s an outward and an inward expression. It’s a reaching out and a withdrawing. It’s a pulse of the heart.

Some ideas are non-negotiable but why not? What can harm the Essence if a question is formed? What can the raptures cause except more possibilities that she wants to consider?

September 27, 2015

On the threshold of time and space

We are not really "going home" unless we can turn our whole life around and move forward into our past, through a different perspective.

It's funny, but words don't reveal the true meaning to the sentence above, no matter how much they try. Perhaps they are not meant to. Perhaps some words must just exist is no time, hovering over  still untouched realitites, until consciousness is at a stage of revealing them...

In the midst of war, illness and decay, we are summoned to lift ourselves, lifting our world into new beginnings; like nothing we've experienced before, like nothing our history books record.

September 25, 2015

Active, continuous meditation

We become impatient, frustrated, disappointed and so on and so forth because we consider whatever we choose to do as important and worthwhile; as if the whole world evolves around it. "Everyone should participate, care and take apart, as well as agree; see our point of view. They should become equally committed and enthusiastic or just as consumed by our "cause" or else they are opposite us; strangers.

When you can stand back and take a clear, objective look at the ego and how it thinks as well as reacts to everything, it seems so funny and childish. And yet, everything is so serious, demanding and dramatic for it. It's so easy to lose one's Self in issues, in details that become wholes and in subjective perceptions that seem objective and collective. It's amazing!

The previous is not "wrong" because commitment, passion and full devotion to our choices is essential, to be able to serve that which we do in life. What is needed is balance!

September 4, 2015

Way Beyond Words...

When I stand back and put everything in a wider perspective, it's obvious to me that it is not i who leads my life but an intelligence far greater than the mind can grasp.

Ιt doesn't matter whether i say "yes" or "no" to something. It's a "yes" if it's meant to be a yes, no matter what i  or anyone else thinks, no matter what seems to be happening, no matter how much time is needed for the "yes" to manifest, as "time" is a conception, irrelevant to this level of perception. And no power of this world or anywhere else can change that, no matter how much is "exposed", insisting on the opposite.

August 24, 2015

Learning to trust

People are always talking about “inner guidance” and “trust” and all those wonderful things. But in many cases, these seem generalized concepts or repetitive words that have very little meaning or remain distant to our everyday lives.

Only by mastering through experience can we be truthful and helpful to others, through our own daily choices and way of living. 

Fully trusting our own inner guidance, not belief systems (they are totally different in essence and vibrations), is to acquire a whole different set of thinking. It has nothing to do with our usual thought patters which are linear, based on reason and surface knowledge.

August 12, 2015

The price of freedom

The truth is that the system (legal, financial, social...) can suck me, break me, destroy me at any moment it pleases... my ID or whatever it names as "me", that is!

But realizing that it is a system of fear, ignorance, cowardliness and myths, makes it all worthwhile, even if I stand alone.

In the land of the ego, "standing alone" is also interpreted, used and projected for self-importance, identity projection and personal gain. Each conclusion, that self-doubt comes to, makes me smile with understanding. I've been there...

August 11, 2015

The burden of choice

People often ask me why it takes so long to deprogram, to free the mind of the need of programming. It doesn’t! As with everything else, the concept is reversed.

We always seem to place the subject (ourselves) outside our thinking mode. This too is part of the programming. We imagine the problems to be outside and beyond our own self, whom we see as powerless, small and insignificant.

August 7, 2015

Fluidity...everything flows

Lately it's becoming "difficult" to write. Although many topics and so much information enters my mind and reality, none are forming into words, into articles.

The reason things seem static around us, not moving either fast enough or according to our desires, the reason thy don't become visible/detectable is because they haven't become whole yet. We fail to see the workings of movement beyond our expectations, fixed ideas or the details the left brain/mind is used to bypassing. Many students eagerly ask me, "when will I/things change?" and I need to point out the changes that they have missed, the shifts that their mind has missed.

July 21, 2015


Free money making systems

Here’s another one:

And here is the truth about it:

They exist ONLY because people are still looking for them. Anything that comes free, quick and easy is worth looking into right?

July 8, 2015

Self induced captivity

It's practically impossible to show someone that which he doesn't want to see. And why should it be any different?

Some believe that there are people who just cannot see, even if they wanted to. But that is just not true, it's only a belief based on an inner superiority /interiority complex, which I will not go into right now.

Why wouldn't anyone (in their right mind) want to see? Plainly because continuing to see that which they already do, is – as they believe - to their advantage, which of course they don’t realize and reject the assumption.

July 3, 2015

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

it doesn't mean you don't care
it doesn't mean you don't participate
it doesn't mean you choose sides.

It means you raise your vibrations
higher than your ego programming
it means that you remain fully conscious
of everything that enters or exists within you.

It means that you master your lower mind
and exist beyond linear reality
as well as within it.

It means you continue to feel, sense
without getting absorbed by anything.

It means you experience
all temporary experiences
with clarity, respect and the humility
that will provide You with wisdom
and give rise to the knowledge within,
which You give wisely
only to the true seeker.

Xristiana Sophia

June 29, 2015

Crises as opportunities

A crisis is something that helps us see, when nothing before that could make us turn our heads/minds. It comes looking like a bad thing, and many of us get stuck there, if we continue to see it this way.

Crises come in many forms and shapes, from health issues, to relationships problems, jobs lost etc, etc. Social viewpoints and beliefs form our concepts of what’s important, what we can overcome or not, what defines us and what threatens us. Social beliefs that we have made our own, backed up by numbers, of all the people around us that support the same beliefs.

We don’t have a mind of our own. Not unless we use it to doubt the virtual realities around us and within us that we call “real” and concrete, objective and correct.

April 9, 2015

When the brain-mind investigates

The problem is that we attempt to investigate literally, using only half our brains.

But, there is always “not enough evidence to support our case” there, there are always many parts/pieces that don’t add up, as we continue to miss the real issue; the subjective meanings.

Literal? Objective? That can only be partial, “half the story”.

Subjective, unique? Life-changing? That can only become apparent way past the personal, the conscious and subconscious selective memory.

March 28, 2015

Doubting the known

After a while, everything sounds like an opinion, which doesn’t have as much validity as it did at first.

But how can we even hope or pretend to grasp, what we cannot, with our physical self, perceive? We pretend to know other worlds, when we have just begun to explore our own.

Every time you seriously doubt, it feels as if you are throwing your core self/essence up in the air, dissolving it until nothing remains. There is no other way. The basic, “instinctive” fear must be met.

Every time you dare to totally dissolve, you enter, a little each "time", into the Ηeart/Core of the Infinite.

March 26, 2015

Everything fractal

Just continue!

Remain present/observant!

Dare to be your Self!

Everything matters!

Let it go!

Start over again!

Dare to doubt EVERYTHING!

Choose again; all that remains real!

Everything continues!

All is new!

March 11, 2015

About History…

History is not shaped by facts but by opinions.

Facts happen but reality is so far away from those few facts that have been stored in memory. We store subjectively.

They are stored once, individually and collectively, but they are changed, exaggerated, strengthened, every time they come up, every time you recall.

The extent of this depends on the frame each time because new circuits are formed, new facts and opinions are inserted automatically. If not, then we have unbent-ness, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s and much more.

March 8, 2015

Pay Attention!

Yes, we PAY our ATTENTION and it’s the fairest payment there is!

We just don't realize the forms of energy that exist and at the same time we have burdened "energy" with loads of belief systems that still keep us in the dark. Before we can even begin to get small glimpses of this grand truth, we must have mastered our observation skills, detached from identity. This can be learned through a guided process of personal understanding.

But what does it really mean that, “what you pay attention to grows”? The meaning involves much more than today's “lite spirituality” suggests and our current collective mind comprehends…

March 7, 2015

How does a “dyslexic” really “think” and why we should eliminate the label and all “methods of intervention”

This is totally different “thought process” than the one we are accustomed to and most of us in the West understand. It takes a really open mind to understand and it takes experience to know.

I have said many times that there is no such thing as “dyslexia” for me and that by the term we are totally ignorant of the “higher” form of “thinking” that takes place in the mind.

Here, I will try to explain what goes on in a "dyslexic’s" mind, although, we still have a long way to go to “mapping” this unmapable mind.

March 1, 2015

Morals or no morals

There will always be strong opposition, false wars fought, man against man, reality against illusion, as long as we choose to attach to belief systems we call morals.

Vegans against non Vegans. Genetically modified plants against natural seeds/ farming. Open relationships against marriages. Schooling against unschooling. Alternative medicine against conventional medicine. Race superiority against individuals. 
Uniqueness against conformity, etc, etc.

February 22, 2015

What we need

We need the kind of teachers we are not used to listening to.

We need the kind of people we are not used to naming “normal”.

We need to realize that all that we say, think and do in our lives are choices we have not accepted on a conscious level.

February 9, 2015

The essence in the details

The people who succeed in anything are those who can observe the details. It’s the details that make one differ and stand out from the other.

Linear thinking tries to see results/consequences/gain, always on a temporary basis, judging through perception, convictions, beliefs, expectations, need, fear. Details are lost and so is substance and meaning.

Existing through the heart (or right brain) is to follow your passion, get absorbed in the present moment, where you can see eternity. Acting from your clearest knowing, the next moment is unknown, the outcome doesn’t concern you. Everything is here, now, as each moment is loved as your last; with gratitude, attention, devotion, respect and the willingness to sacrifice all. The courage to face success and failure in the same way; neither more or less important than the other, neither disturbing or preventing the whole.

January 11, 2015

Reporting the limiting (?)

Why don’t we understand that the more we focus on negative world events, the more power we give to them?

Why don’t we realize that the more we talk about them, report them in images and emotions, the more we don’t differ from those who design and carry them out?

Why can’t we see that circling such information doesn’t make us smart, knowledgeable nor does it give us control over our lives or reality?

The answer is not that simple to understand and realize through experience, until we willingly insert into our own mind to realize its mechanism, connect with more expanded levels of consciousness and recognize, through experience (beyond any doubt) how we create our reality… even all that we do not want. This realization extends far beyond ANY belief systems; even the more “enlightened” and positive” theories.

January 5, 2015

Trust your Heart

We reach a point where after all the “download” of information that we have sought, only our Heart is able to tell us the truth; above any illusion, beyond any confusion. Yet our Heart is perfectly mimicked by our own deceptive mind. How can we possibly know the difference when we have so often mistaken the one with the other?

There is nothing “out there” that could ever spot truth for you. There is no amount of information that can show you, reveal to you, your own Heart, which is the equivalent of soul, spirit, consciousness and ego into one. Ultimately, you will need to reach far beyond all influences, all information and remain alone, still and innocent. When you have finally willed and accomplished that, there you will find your Heart!