March 11, 2015

About History…

History is not shaped by facts but by opinions.

Facts happen but reality is so far away from those few facts that have been stored in memory. We store subjectively.

They are stored once, individually and collectively, but they are changed, exaggerated, strengthened, every time they come up, every time you recall.

The extent of this depends on the frame each time because new circuits are formed, new facts and opinions are inserted automatically. If not, then we have unbent-ness, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s and much more.

There is NO “history”. It is just “his-story”; the creator of the matrix, to keep things going. A plethora of beliefs, ideals, theories and practices have been formed to "keep things going, to prevent the "falling apart", which are totally believed and followed by the ignorant masses.

False accusations and twisting of truth, to seem "higher knowledge", "rightful action", "serving the one". In reality, serving the creator of the matrix...Who are the "dictators", the "imposers", the "tyrants", the "manipulators"? We are!

When all subjects, all sections, all sides are synthesized, joined, then everything will fall apart; the matrix will fall apart. Not before and not by any “outer” force.

Then, when we begin to enter Truth, we realize that there is no such things as "world history" the way we have been taught, there is no "past" as we have assumed in our heads, there are no "facts" where beliefs reside, there is no power beyond our own ignorance that enslaves us.

The teachers are the reminders... we need to honor them, once we see them, by seeing ourselves.

We continue revealing, sharing and understanding this most important subject in the forum, with those who are ready to let go of their deceptions and see the face of truth within themselves.
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Xristiana Sophia

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