March 28, 2015

Doubting the known

After a while, everything sounds like an opinion, which doesn’t have as much validity as it did at first.

But how can we even hope or pretend to grasp, what we cannot, with our physical self, perceive? We pretend to know other worlds, when we have just begun to explore our own.

Every time you seriously doubt, it feels as if you are throwing your core self/essence up in the air, dissolving it until nothing remains. There is no other way. The basic, “instinctive” fear must be met.

Every time you dare to totally dissolve, you enter, a little each "time", into the Ηeart/Core of the Infinite.

The fear exists! Each time, you know you will leave some people/things/practices/habits and past choices behind. You will find yourself in a “place” few dare to travel and be, where nothing is known and who you were before, may not be.

The teaching is the same for all, at every given moment, because we all ride on the waves of the same consciousness. Yet, it gains “body”, essence and meaning according to each individual’s understanding and needs and power to withhold. 

Students who are committed to the path of Truth and Self-revelation are finding that the farther they proceed, the more difficult it is to continue. Not because the insights and Truth are becoming more complicated but on the contrary, they are becoming simpler and more apparent; the precise difficulty that the lower mind and senses miss. The paradox becomes more and more evident: what is best kept at secret, lies right before our eyes.

Our strong desire to know what is beyond; to explore other worlds, more often impedes than aids our search of our own inner and outer worlds. And yet, this is where all our answers lie; where we do not dare look, in a way we have not been trained to see. The whole Universe is found right here, in our material world, which we have childishly categorized among "the known", remaining ignorant of most of its manifestations. 

We seek long analyses, rational breaking down of the pieces seeking to see The All, not understanding or accepting that simplicity and innocence are not contrary to our informational/technological age and that paradoxes explain the Norm that we miss.

What “egotism” can a drop in the ocean have, knowing it is a drop? And yet, how can it not glow in grandeur, knowing it is the ocean at the same time? The smallness and insignificance goes together with the unique creation and manifestation of who we really are.

And the drop continues to ride unnoticed and unrecognized by our physical eyes and our surface mind; which are programmed to overpass and miss, as long as we need to do so.For we each have our path, our unique contribution to a Desire and Will long forgotten. Yet, we don’t “return” (while we DO), we re-create what has yet to be expressed and revealed.

The drop, recognizing the ocean within, where words seize to spur out effortlessly and the magnitude of Everything has just begun to illuminate cells, neurons, organs, realities, relationships, purpose... At the heart of contraction lies the greatest force of expansion.

Doubting the known... continues to be a process needed to be learned and not the surface tactic of an ego, which just changes roles.

Xristiana Sophia

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