March 8, 2015

Pay Attention!

Yes, we PAY our ATTENTION and it’s the fairest payment there is!

We just don't realize the forms of energy that exist and at the same time we have burdened "energy" with loads of belief systems that still keep us in the dark. Before we can even begin to get small glimpses of this grand truth, we must have mastered our observation skills, detached from identity. This can be learned through a guided process of personal understanding.

But what does it really mean that, “what you pay attention to grows”? The meaning involves much more than today's “lite spirituality” suggests and our current collective mind comprehends…

Always, one incident in life serves many purposes and many areas. The "bigger" the incident, the more it serves.

But the above quote goes far beyond our current belief systems…

We should be equally grateful for the “positive” and “negative” occurrences in life; likewise.

There are no distinctions except on the physical plane and in the intellect's dual "nature". As long as we are not equally (genuinely) grateful, we create imbalance in our world (within and without).

We don’t “learn through pain”. We PAY more ATTENTION to pain. Pain doesn’t serve more or better. We strengthen pain when we pay attention to pain. So simple!


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What we choose to PAY for, we strengthen. Where our ATTENTION goes, there our Will is!
Looking forward to having you aboard!

Xrstiana Sophia

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