March 1, 2015

Morals or no morals

There will always be strong opposition, false wars fought, man against man, reality against illusion, as long as we choose to attach to belief systems we call morals.

Vegans against non Vegans. Genetically modified plants against natural seeds/ farming. Open relationships against marriages. Schooling against unschooling. Alternative medicine against conventional medicine. Race superiority against individuals. 
Uniqueness against conformity, etc, etc.

There can be no morals that may bind the consciousness of Man, for he is free "by default", once joined with his inner wisdom, knowledge and clarity. Being afraid of the responsibility of choice, the fearful build barriers of beliefs, morals, virtues, schools, religions,ect.,  to hide behind and feel secure in numbers.

We start creating the chains around us, without being taught how to perceive the process, for in the linear past, we have been unprepared, therefore unable to see. We continue to do this unconsciously, losing our power and becoming the identity that we have chosen to serve.

It's hard to believe that no one "made us"; that we "made ourselves", even in robotic - mode, serving our own Self and all creation nonetheless. The path to this acknowledgement is a personal, practical path of undoing all that we believe to be concrete and undeniable inside us and externally. No one can persuade us otherwise, nothing can prevent our Will. Truth is a personal path that we have to be willing, devoted and disciplined enough to take, revealing it to ourselves.

Discussions for the sake of "exchanging opinions" but sticking to our opinions nevertheless, are not my purpose. I see much too many of these around the globe, to know that they don't serve us anymore. Truth is way beyond discussion, exchange of opinions, and is found only in equal/honest dialogues, in which we are prepared to reveal our true self, together... This last little word, "together", is so greatly misunderstood, misused and still confusing. As with all Truths and Reality, a paradox is difficult to understand:
We are totally alone in our Will, though simultaneously bound together; with each other, nature and ll that we create or destruct, through our Will.

There are more opposing morals and beliefs that we need to re-examine, than we normally can imagine to be.

We continue these interesting and liberating dialogues in the forum. It is unlike any forums most of us have participated in, in the past. It is a closed forum and requires choice, contributions and presence.

In future, these dialogues will be the norm; when people become unafraid to reveal and at the same time honestly doubt their programming, distancing themselves from their beliefs, becoming free to co-create beyond limiting perceptions.

To access the unknown, we have to be willing to doubt the known, beyond opposition and creation of more matrices and "morals" that hide reality.

Xristiana Sophia

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  1. Every word you write is a lesson that reminds me who I am...
    Thank you !


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