February 22, 2015

What we need

We need the kind of teachers we are not used to listening to.

We need the kind of people we are not used to naming “normal”.

We need to realize that all that we say, think and do in our lives are choices we have not accepted on a conscious level.

We need to know that all knowledge becomes at some point obsolete, as we experience our inner knowing. But that takes work, whereas we usually tend to think that it is an automated accomplishment, after all the information that we have gathered.

We need to realize through experience that most of what we call “life” is invisible to our eyes because our minds are hypnotized, thinking that we see.

We need to be consciously aware that the world changes each fraction of the moment and we have yet to observe this happening.

We need to know that all that is preventing us is within us but cannot be realized through our way of thinking, which is our only obstacle.

We need to know, beyond doubt, through experience, that all information is simultaneously false and true, on some level of perception. Being able to see both and transcend them is a linear process of understanding, which involves much more than our structured way of thinking.

We need to know that there is nowhere where love is not and that all which we have named love is but a limitation of our perception.

We need to know that our feelings are a guiding system of experiencing and becoming aware of our Self. None of them are a threat to us, none of them “cause illnesses”, none of them are more valuable than others.

We need to know that linear time is our choice, which we cannot transcend unless we have accepted and understood its significance.

We need to realize that although we cannot accomplish anything “alone”, we are alone in our minds and solely responsible for our will.

On a practical level, all these concepts and much more are discussed and experienced in the forum.  For those of us who are ready to take responsibility of our way of thinking and change our level of perception.

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