February 9, 2015

The essence in the details

The people who succeed in anything are those who can observe the details. It’s the details that make one differ and stand out from the other.

Linear thinking tries to see results/consequences/gain, always on a temporary basis, judging through perception, convictions, beliefs, expectations, need, fear. Details are lost and so is substance and meaning.

Existing through the heart (or right brain) is to follow your passion, get absorbed in the present moment, where you can see eternity. Acting from your clearest knowing, the next moment is unknown, the outcome doesn’t concern you. Everything is here, now, as each moment is loved as your last; with gratitude, attention, devotion, respect and the willingness to sacrifice all. The courage to face success and failure in the same way; neither more or less important than the other, neither disturbing or preventing the whole.

We are not trained to observe the details. If we learn, we break our habits easier, we choose our actions wise, we live through the center of our being. In the details hides wisdom, knowledge, reality, truth.

A gesture

A choice of words

A transient reality, invisible to others

An opening in the dream

A change in the matrix

A revelation becoming visible

A little extra “time” of standing; freezing time and observing the freeze, which is not static, but is filled with loads of information that connects time and space.

Yet, in order to do that, we must silence the linear mind. The continuous chatter impedes and also distorts perception. By silencing the mind, we return to using all our senses, taking some of the burden away from our physical eyes.

The past and the future melt away in the present moment, which has all the information and all the knowledge that we seek. Within this center of existence we are able to discern and make our stand, only in the moment, and the moment is everything.

Living through the heart is being willing to melt in the moment, to exist for the "last action" and not the gain of the self, which is non-existent at this stage of our realization.

Everything provides, everywhere we can realize all that we need to decide our choice. The final choice is not important; there is no right or wrong. What matters is that it is whole, total and self-dissolving, for eternity consists of moments, not the sum of planned-out, worked-out actions, which the lower mind tries to organize and control.

Before we can communicate with the world, we need to realize the dream that we have entered and formed or we communicate only with our own mind. Before we can make a conscious choice which will change the dream - even the slightest detail causes mulch-dimensional fractures that transform everything beyond invented time and space  - we need to have conquered the power of observing the details, of freezing linear time, of connecting, in that rapture, all relevant pieces of information existing on all parameters of creation. And in that "slice" of moment, in total power and humility, having seen it all as well as our own contribution in its creation, we decide - "in the spur of the moment", our magnificent "last stand".

Nothing else matters, not even this. When it is done, we move on. Whether dead or alive, we move on. The next moment, which is already here, holds within it all that we need to know. The linear mind is silenced.

Xristiana Sophia

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