January 11, 2015

Reporting the limiting (?)

Why don’t we understand that the more we focus on negative world events, the more power we give to them?

Why don’t we realize that the more we talk about them, report them in images and emotions, the more we don’t differ from those who design and carry them out?

Why can’t we see that circling such information doesn’t make us smart, knowledgeable nor does it give us control over our lives or reality?

The answer is not that simple to understand and realize through experience, until we willingly insert into our own mind to realize its mechanism, connect with more expanded levels of consciousness and recognize, through experience (beyond any doubt) how we create our reality… even all that we do not want. This realization extends far beyond ANY belief systems; even the more “enlightened” and positive” theories.

The obvious alternative is to ignore the negative and concentrate on the positive, which we attempt to reveal and express... but only to hide the limiting, the fearful, the negative, through even more limiting beliefs. This is such a common practice, that it is becoming a plague in its own, equally, as the negative focus. This too is within the matrix programming in our mind...

We do this only on a personal basis, knowing how to “go within”, what to look for, how to go beyond the linear mind, discovering pathways that we never imagined existed. Only then can we let go of accusation, blame and take responsibility of creating, moment by moment, thought by thought, the lives and world that we truly want, beyond duality.

We explore all this in the forum and in one-to-one dialogues, which bring out the teacher/wise one/inner guide in us, as we free our self from limitation. It’s a process, a very personal one that we each must undertake for ourselves, taking responsibility of our own minds and our own lives, realizing the world we are creating unconsciously.

for members of the forum, the subject is continued here

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