January 5, 2015

Trust your Heart

We reach a point where after all the “download” of information that we have sought, only our Heart is able to tell us the truth; above any illusion, beyond any confusion. Yet our Heart is perfectly mimicked by our own deceptive mind. How can we possibly know the difference when we have so often mistaken the one with the other?

There is nothing “out there” that could ever spot truth for you. There is no amount of information that can show you, reveal to you, your own Heart, which is the equivalent of soul, spirit, consciousness and ego into one. Ultimately, you will need to reach far beyond all influences, all information and remain alone, still and innocent. When you have finally willed and accomplished that, there you will find your Heart!

She speaks plainly, truthfully and reveals all, whether your own or others' illusions. She is inclusive and liberating, although at first you may think that she is against you. She knows all and senses beyond the limitations of time and space. She is transparent and strong, always has been, yet you never knew.

It's a process; an ongoing challenge that you have been fighting to avoid your whole life. Trust, is something that you need to rediscover, for you have named all that it is not.

But joy and inner peacefulness has to be a part of your inner journey. All that is not filled with inner joy and tranquility is a “wrong turning” that you have taken, to eliminate more illusions from your consciousness, clearing the pathway to eternal love and higher consciousness, which exposes matrices and unifies all truth beyond separation.

True love is revealed, not when we share common interests and/or ideas but when we simultaneously realize that we share the same higher purpose; because there IS NO other.

Sometimes truth hits you, with that which your own consciousness’ projections have named "negative" or dark beings.

With a peaceful heart, without attachments and an open mind to examine all virtual realities, we choose our steps carefully (wisely) and lightly. Nothing and everything matters, for we need to remain on our own path, no matter how it seems or who is judging. Every "who" is within us, as we willingly recognize our own beliefs and perceived limitations.

Anything we do as a “program” or habit or obligation, is without Heart and thus cannot have the desired results.

In the long run, it doesn't really matter WHAT we do. That which matters and ultimately declares our desired choice, is the level of consciousness from which we begin and "stand" to act; from our most expanded perspective, our wisest choice, according to that which we must deal with and is in front of us. And so, everything matters... every word, every emotion, every action. For through it all, we express, moment by moment, the truth that we have connected with and become.

Xristiana Sophia

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