December 31, 2014

One more unique day

Yet another day begins, where the challenges are the same…

To connect the pieces

To see patterns

To create beyond the obvious

To see through illusions

To conquer life

To experience beyond linear time and separation

To harmonize all that limits our perception

To be awed and grateful for all

To communicate through the heart

To free our mind

To rise in consciousness

To give wisely

To cultivate talents

To control our focus of attention

To find our spiritual family

To be true to our self

To realize our divine nature

To unite the brain

To see beyond the linear, surface reality

To be willing to learn, experience and rise above self-accusation

To break down the barriers of collective programming

To create consciously and wisely

To realize our unique path

To let go of all that is not harmonious and joyful

To allow ourselves to receive in grace and gratitude

To realize our highest desire and will

To discern in assertive humility, through our whole mind

To exist in pure love... our one challenge as a humanity, which we yet need to understand, release from programming and express, on a personal and collective level of being.

 Xristiana Sophia

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