November 20, 2014

Transmitting higher frequencies

When we “activate” ourselves on spiritual level, connect with our  ("higher")Self, things start functioning totally differently.

Being connected with our spirit, means that we have given up our own will, to the will of our Self, which is also our own anyway. For example, when you have a dilemma, a decision to make, you would have decided based on fear, subconscious programming, psychological and/or physical desire and so on, in the past. Yet now, you know that the decision has already been made and you need only quieten the linear mind, relax emotionally and remain open to receive that decision. That is trust!

After the connection with our Self, everything works “in reverse”. Being “at one” with our spirit, it (the spirit) “gathers” the soul and the personality “vibrates” deeper, newly-felt emotions/thoughts. Mental imagery is synthesized, concepts fall into place, the senses are sharpened/electrified. The body (along with the linear mind), becomes a “tool”/ expresser of spirit; breaking programs, habits, reversing time, dissolving illusions.

Each and every thought/emotion/cell vibrate to the new energy. This is where we also have true healing, we experience being “in love”, we become seers, we trust our intuition (inner knowing) and experience life in continuous awe.

We find that now, decisions are not something “we choose” on personality/identity level, although mind, body and soul have to conspire, for the spirit is not oppressive and the decision has to be made practically, on all levels. It looks like “we had no choice” but actually we had/have entirely free choice each moment, always in the present moment (only):
You could have decided not to meet him when he called, you could have decided not to take on the work/job, go to that meeting, pick up the phone, send that message, go to that event etc, etc. But you did or you didn't! Each different choice, would have lead you to a different path, a different reality; others closer to the one you are experiencing now, and yet others totally different ones.

The more connected we are with our Self; our spirit, soul, mind and body, the easier, more effortless everything becomes, the more creative and inspiring we become, the calmer and more tranquil we get. Magical existence becomes a daily experience, more pieces of the larger puzzle fall easily and magnificently into place. Insights appear in our mind’s eye, intuition is awakened and our body seems to exist beyond linear time, vibrating on different frequencies; energized, healing and being re-created according to our path. The present moment becomes “all that is” and more significant than ever before. Within it we can see glimpses (more and more of them) of eternity and we can effortlessly access knowledge beyond the matrices, beyond any known “proof”.

We know we are on our way to “deliverance”; exiting programs, being unaffected by temporary realities and attachments to emotions/memory/instinctive impulses, which we can now see and control/choose at will. There was never any need for "deliverance" for innocence replaces guilt, as veils of illusion are lifted to reveal truth.

Before all this, we need to change the concepts, understand the programmed words and free ourselves from the bondage of our own mind!

Xristiana Sophia

Self Synthesis Circle:
The first forum of its kind, which changes the mind’s programming.Our responsibility lies in our willingness to break our own boundaries. Contracting is safe, yet our challenge is to expand and connect by expression.
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