November 8, 2014

A “little” drop in the ocean

There isn’t another – or there are so few that I don’t notice them because I have to “stand alone” – blogs, which are entirely self-sufficient, self-supported, which don’t rely on anyone else’s words, on already established beliefs or on needless advertisements and “freebies” to attract readers.

A difficult road to walk on, without the security of supporters, workers, followers and representatives, which would make the journey a much easier one.

Yet the calling of the true individuals, those who are sincerely ready to take responsibility of their own mind, their own reality and ultimately take the responsibility – in stern humility - of the whole world; of consciousness, does not rely in such methods, which we have used before.

It is a mutual dance of attraction, where the amount of energy and its force cannot be measured by the linear mind or realized with the outer senses.

All throughout the seeming darkness and density, trust and devotion are constantly on the line, as discipline and the will to focus attention is also challenged in countless ways. A unique combination of self-directed forces that cannot be extinguished, stopped or obstructed, for they by-pass all known methods of perception.

A single drop in the cast ocean that cannot be seen or found, except by those who willingly have chosen to go beyond and push their individual level of perception, deep into the unknown.

We meet each other, invisible and untouchable by illusion, to travel physically, mentally, psychically and spiritually into the wondrous land of the unknown, the uncreated, the unremembered, the non-materialized, which yearns for expression.

At the same time when I was writing this, my daughter (7 years old) was building cities on a tablet application and she asked me to help her write a sign: "forbidden to enter". I asked what this was for and she showed me "her house", deep in the ocean, which she created, in the beginning with brick walls around it. Gradually she brought the walls down and the deeper she went into the ocean, the closer to the sly she came. She had no idea (of course) what I was writing, and I wanted to understand the amazing synchronicity. I asked why it was forbidden for others to enter and she replied, "so that they don't find me... unless they can't read signs"(!) 
Yet, entering a child's mind (an unschooled, unprogrammed child) is one of our greatest challenges...

Bringing individuals together, the English section of the forum offers that unique piercing into reality, where equals meet and share truth beyond illusion. 
We discuss perception, the linear mind and its programming, true self-healing, and much more...

Xristiana Sophia

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