October 24, 2014

The Buddha-like Victim

He lives his days as if he’s going to live forever.

He focuses on an end goal, not experiencing all the in between realities.

He accuses himself for the end result, which is only a natural, logical symptom of his chosen beingness; the way he chooses to react.

He makes up his own reality in his head, including everyone and anyone he wants in it, thinking for them but not with them. All alone he mixes and matches, he sets up and upturns whatever he wants, in the comfort of his lone making. There is no revealing, no sharing of that which he creates moment to moment in his head.

He backs up this whole setting with loads of beliefs, which he doesn’t even recognize, so that he might, at a spark of inspired existence, have chosen to re-examine.

He tries to excuse/release others of their actions, basing his thesis on “the good intentions” that they "must have", and which he strives to find in his own mind – actually he himself needing salvation from his continuous egoic self-accusation.

He doesn’t express the way he feels and what he thinks. He produces verbal "end conclusions” based on "right" and "wrong" according to his world-views but the actual experience is not expressed... never mind shared. He holds back all emotion, all expression, hidden under a “cool”, Buddha-like mask. But this Buddha is fake and he is afraid of himself.

The source of his incentive, his motivation; to be, to act, to create, is outside of him. Thus he loses it when it is out of reach, when it no longer exists or when he forgets his purpose and who he is, through his robotic lifestyle.

I could put a title: “the Buddha-like Victim” and it would represent so many out there, especially the newly “enlightened ones”, who believe are beyond sentimental expression, beyond reacting, beyond living unconsciously, just because they have memorized a few books, learned to conceal their true emotions and true thoughts or just because they "have found" their newly acquired beliefs/faith. A true masquerade of make-believe robots who act as if they are gods.

He readily criticizes others for expressing anger, rage, bitterness, not realizing that he is contributing to the imbalance with his own phobia of emotions and true self, which he hides with mastery under his "cool-like" image.

He has buried - although he doesn't realize it - the teenager in him; his passion, his courage to  explore and test his limits, his outspokenness despite any possible cost, his will to live as he thinks is right. He has become "mature", logical" and completely submerged in his identity, his roles and the image he protects.

But he has forgotten how to live in the moment... somewhere along the line he has lost himself, thinking that he is following his "enlightenment".

Xristiana Sophia

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