October 22, 2014

Honor Him!

Honor Him!
He has willingly been through a lot! The scars are deep and evident but his conquests are undeniably courageous and His own.

Honor Him!
His knowledge is irreplaceable. Your honor will turn it into wisdom. See everything He is in new eyes. He is The One!

Each time you dishonor Him, you deny yourself. Only you can see Him for you are His one and only choice, which has always been.

When you tempt Him, he will bend, for His Love is greater than His fear. He will always place you above himself for he has gone through heavens and hells in search for knowledge. He has nothing to lose, no delusional goal to reach.

Honor everything about him!
He is stronger than he seems. His will-power is unbended. Everything He is, he offers to you. There is no holding back, even if it makes Him seem small and weak.

He gladly receives what you have to offer, admiring every little detail, all that to you seem as inadequacies.

He is larger than his identity and grander than the physical eyes (mind) can perceive.

Honor Him!
See Him in his seeming weaknesses. They are disguises He willingly takes on, so that you may reveal His strengths, to your eyes.
Recognize his unbending Will and devotion.
Connect with His purifying Love that transcends all illusion. Your satisfaction is His commitment. Your desire is His law.

Honor Him!
So that you may fly with Him in between worlds. Without Him you are lost in dreamworlds. 
Rediscover everything with Him by honoring Him. Be born again, truly, with Him.

He leads gently, only to open the pathways that you desire. He has no other purpose.

His embrace is larger than any life you may have had before recognizing Him.
No one else can stand bilaterally before Him.

Only your achieved wisdom can See Him; innocence reveals His magnificent Presence.
Walk with Him, side by side... let yourself burn in His fire.

He becomes more than a Man, when you See Him!

Xristiana Sophia

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