October 5, 2014

The weight of understanding

It doesn’t mean that because you understand you also, automatically, have to endure.

People misunderstand this, as I once did (long ago it seems)… when I wanted more guidance than I was getting, when I demanded more help than I was receiving, when I wanted to be excused and forgiven for my mistakes, just because “I was trying/awakening” and therefore belonged to a special group of people that could escape experiencing pain, and especially having to remain in the “I don’t know” zone.

Understanding, actually endorses the person who understands, a much greater responsibly than when he used to be a victim, when he had appointed enemies, when he couldn’t realize the mirrors he was playing parts in, when he was totally submerged in the virtual reality he called life.

He has the responsibility to respond authentically to life, each moment to each situation, in his every expression.

There are no rules to follow, as nothing and no one is the same as everything, anytime or anyone else. There are no fears or insecurities that can bind his Will. And yet, he knows that even one word from his mouth or even his silence, can and does change reality. He knows that every decision, no matter how seemingly irrelevant or insignificant it may appear, stirs creation to a certain direction due of his will.

This is because “understanding” pulls away curtains of illusion, it reveals the truth of distorted mirrors and it releases guilt and accusation.

Yet the one who understands has a lot of information to manage. All his senses are continuously alert and more “sensors” connect him with inner or invisible (to the physical eyes), multiple realities. It all happens in the here and now; simultaneously. Linear time is irrelevant once the walls of matrices are shattered and perception can pierce the once impenetrable blocks of illusion.

His guidance comes only through his Being.

His actions are often misinterpreted. His motives are misjudged. He realizes more than the average, limiting egoic perception. But he cannot reveal all, although he always wants to give it all; everything that he can see, all that he knows, all that he is.

Sometimes he endures because he must. And sometimes he strikes with his sword, knowing that the pain he causes must return to him.

He no longer serves the ego and his eyes always look straight ahead; neither lowering nor turned towards the skies. His only enemy is his own ignorance, which perception, no matter how expanded, is limiting.

His humility lies in his wisdom. He walks alone but he is never again lonely.

Xristiana Sophia

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