September 30, 2014

Significant beginnings

Young children show their personal traits and characteristics from the beginning of their lives. Some of these show as qualities and some of them as faults. They both need attendance.
The qualities need to be cultivated and the faults need to be reversed and molded to reveal their creative, self-serving side.

Every child is born with a basic personality, which is unique. It is much more than the sum total of the parents' qualities and faults. 

The Self carefully chooses a long "line" of a soul-family tree, which best reveals the needs of the soul and desires of the spirit. Then, the Ego has the difficult task of "doing its best with what it has", without having all this information on the surface of the mind.

The first years of a child's life are the most important for the individual, who will grow up to exist in a world, which is still created in a chaotic, linear manner, mostly based on profit and temporary satisfaction. 

Individual tutoring for each family/child should be provided, as they are all guided to see, understand and accept their life paths together and also on a personal level.

The most important lessons in a child's life, at least up until - approximately - the age of 7 or 8 are not reading, writing and math.The child should be allowed and encouraged to experiment, search, question, observe...all for the benefit of discovering its self and the world, at its own pace. 
Qualities are cultivated within this highly important stage; this should be the number one priority, within and around anything else that we choose to do or participate in, in our everyday lives.

Children need to continue to remember who they are, while they learn to co-exist in harmony and balance, in a world of separation and limited senses, which they chose to come in to. They need to recognize their individuality, while they learn to share and respect others equally. Their destructive habits need to be reversed into offerings, creations and preserving tools.

As societies, we tend to focus too much on the outer qualities and material offerings for our children.  We give them experiences, we encourage interests, hobbies and likes, but still don't pay too much attention on personal qualities, their inner realities, life tools such as self-observation, how we learn, how our minds function and where we fit in in the grand puzzle of life. 

We are parents, tutors, models for our children, whether we want to be or not, whether we know it or not. That means that we should take our roles seriously and take the coming of each child in our lives as an opportunity to reverse our way of thinking!

All this, is "work" in itself, which, if we choose not to participate consciously in, we experience the symptoms and the consequences in later life, as we become more and more depressed, ill and non-creative or experience limiting relationships with our children. 
While we each do and are "all that we can be" at each given moment, this is by no means an excuse to continue being ignorant, re-enforcing old belief patters or remaining stubbornly glued to our former ideas about ourselves and the world.

 If we could only teach children to trust!

That everything they really want or need will always be present before them.

That all they can depend on and count on is already within them.

That when things seem to be going wrong, they are preparing for their biggest lessons.

That when things are going right, they have the challenge of humility, sharing and growing.

That pain is not punishment but an indicator of attachment to the physical by Self-choice of expanding.

That no part of reality is objective and there are no rules outside the laws that govern levels of consciousness.

Xristiana Sophia
(the contact mail for those who are interested in more information on individual mind-transforming/heart-opening tutoring/lessons)

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