August 3, 2014

Being willing to “lose”

This is even stranger than you thought. It always is, isn’t it?

And that's when it becomes clearer… because "strange" always changes something in the matrix of your perception. 

You are feeling and getting sentimental with a lot that seems to be going on within you and around you. By now, this is perfectly clear to you, as it is happening (not afterwards). 

“Getting sentimental,” means that you lose your discretion ability. That’s what happens! It’s that you start becoming too attached. And attachment narrows perception; has you “swimming in feelings, sensations and la-la land”, losing sight of the wider picture. 

Is there no way to experience this reality without attachment?

There is!
To accept attachment as part of a process!. Since it has an opposite, it must be understood through experience and transcended... as a result of and not avoiding experience. Both extremes are wrong (limiting). By merging the two, functioning from both and beyond them, you achieve creation:

Attachment + Detachment = Discretion

So, another false teaching preventing true experience, which leads to belief instead of true knowing!

You have to risk feeling, sensing, living! You have to risk "receiving the consequences"; pain, the marks, the memories...! Through it all, you have to maintain “the eagle’s view”, which simultaneously knows what you don’t yet know. The clarity of this "tuning in", marks the outcome. At all times, through combining both, you have a choice and that choice leads you to your next step.

But you have to allow!

You have to be willing. You have to risk “forgetting”, losing sight of your eagle. It’s riding the skies, always high above you, because it IS “an extension” of You. But you, at times, lose sight because you’re too absorbed, because you have believed you’re on your own and that many spontaneous decisions need to be made with your “full attention” (meaning attachment).

Yet, your eagle is always there, it’s YOU who cannot see! You lift your eyes looking at the physical sky, trying to pierce its veil but it’s not there. You lower your eyes, sinking deep into your heart to heal the pain and the yearning but it’s not there either. For, the roots and the skies of your known perception cannot enclose and capture it within.

And then, you have to become humble and “return”. Taking one step at a time, doing the work, focusing on your one and only purpose, totally committed, to it; to reach it, to know it, to be one with it.

Xristiana Sophia

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