February 22, 2015

What we need

We need the kind of teachers we are not used to listening to.

We need the kind of people we are not used to naming “normal”.

We need to realize that all that we say, think and do in our lives are choices we have not accepted on a conscious level.

February 9, 2015

The essence in the details

The people who succeed in anything are those who can observe the details. It’s the details that make one differ and stand out from the other.

Linear thinking tries to see results/consequences/gain, always on a temporary basis, judging through perception, convictions, beliefs, expectations, need, fear. Details are lost and so is substance and meaning.

Existing through the heart (or right brain) is to follow your passion, get absorbed in the present moment, where you can see eternity. Acting from your clearest knowing, the next moment is unknown, the outcome doesn’t concern you. Everything is here, now, as each moment is loved as your last; with gratitude, attention, devotion, respect and the willingness to sacrifice all. The courage to face success and failure in the same way; neither more or less important than the other, neither disturbing or preventing the whole.