July 22, 2013

On becoming wiser…

My little girl has asked me a couple of times, “mommy, what do you want to be when you grow up?” I had a hard time answering and I still haven’t given her a straight answer… until now, when everything is coming together inside me. 

Initially I watched the discomfort in me as she asked while my mind was trying desperately to find logic in her question. WHEN I grow up? I’m already “grown up”! My gosh, I’m nearly 50! I've already decided what I want to do… TO DO… the mind interprets “what do you want to BE” as “what do you want to DO”. 

So, the ego (which is based on the mind) assumes in great discomfort, “haven’t I already done enough, aren't I doing enough?” But even after realizing all this, the answer still eluded me. I have learned not to take ANY of my daughter’s questions lightly…

This morning, after a cataclysm of thoughts, images and insights, it finally struck me. That’s how everything comes… in a cataclysmic way, and then the mind has a hell of a job trying to put “everything” down in a linear, structured and understandable way.

I always wanted to be wise! No matter what I DO, I want to be wise! I am still not! And the positive side to this is that it keeps me humble and on my toes; passionate about life.

There seems to be a misconception about what wisdom is. What is wisdom really and what is the difference of wisdom and knowledge? I think that many people confuse these concepts, which are totally different yet connected and inter-related.

Knowledge is found “out there”.

Wisdom comes from within.

Knowledge is information, diachronical truth, which becomes evident as consciousness expands and dilates.

Wisdom is the distinction of the moment, which is not dependent only on knowledge but also on existence; the quality of the consciousness… what it can draw up and discern, in the moment of collision on reality.

I have always wanted to be wise; to know the exact moment to act and the best action to make, in order to achieve the best results. “The best results” also have to do with wisdom because they depend on what wisdom (or the ego) focuses on. Wisdom includes emotions and how well you have mastered your ego. It also has to do with peripheral vision and how much of reality you can pierce simultaneously, towards all directions.

You don’t acquire wisdom without knowledge and you can’t be wise only with the acquisition of knowledge. It’s not a matter of which precedes which but a matter of acting effortlessly and spontaneously (as opposed to acting instinctively and through linear thinking)…

Knowing what wisdom is, is one thing; that’s knowledge. But knowledge doesn't ensure the “how” of putting it to practice, of being wise. You can have all the knowledge in the world and not know what to do with it, except memorize, preach and acquire more of it. Left brain thinking in an intellectually focused world. The male, the light.

Applying, having the wisdom is quite another thing. It depends on decoding the symbols, on synthesizing and connecting the pieces, on being totally present in a single moment, which includes past, present and future simultaneously. Right brain thinking… in a left brain world? The female, the vibration, the love.

You become wise through applying the knowledge. Knowledge is the data. You can be knowledgeable but you can only become wiser, not wise. You can have all the knowledge available on a subject and still not be wise.

Wisdom is a trait of the heart. It is based on experience and learning from that, by synthesizing the knowledge you acquire on the way.

So, when I grow up, I want to be wise. I am wiser, but far from wise. My daughter’s question reminded me of a vision I had when I was younger. Although for great lengths of time I “forget it” and it doesn't enter my mind, now I realize that it answers her question about my deepest and most truthful desire.

Learning is part of the process of acquiring wisdom.

No decision of the heart is wrong just because the mind doesn't have the knowledge to back it up and “prove it”. 

Yes, wisdom produces white hair, wrinkles and fatigue because it is experienced, learned, acquired and applied through courageous experiencing. 

Wisdom is fragile and momentarily perceived. It blossoms at just the right moment in exquisite beauty and perfection. It alone changes your perception...

Photo by Manos Photiou... much appreciated Manos :)


  1. This was a post about wisdom and not myself but it can be misinterpreted.

    Acquiring wisdom for the purpose of self-importance is a dead end ego game. We cannot misuse wisdom in this way.

    The desire beyond that is to be of service. My romantic heart, when I was younger stated, "if I can effect just one person's life in an inspiring way, my life would have been worth living". I still feel this way, and THIS is the purpose of acquiring wisdom. :)

  2. "I've already decided what I want to do… TO DO… the mind interprets “what do you want to BE” as “what do you want to DO”. So, the ego (which is based on the mind) assumes in great discomfort, “haven’t I already done enough, aren't I doing enough?” But even after realizing all this, the answer still eluded me."

    Not in my experience. My ego always says: "Why haven't you done MORE?! What have you done LATELY?!" My ego is a self taskmaster.

    "People are afraid of the wise (living with them, working with them) because they are willing to not know. Learning is part of the process of acquiring wisdom."

    This is a contradiction, isn't it? If wisdom cannot be acquired without knowledge, then a loss of the desire to know would seem to be the collapse of wisdom.

    That having been said, I think your definition of "wisdom" is not false.

    1. My definition is not a "definition" in the usual sense of the word Mark. My purpose here, and if you read more of my articles you'll discover this, is to give different perspectives to a subject or an issue.

      Often it might seem as if I am contradicting, even myself, which of course is only the linear mind's interpretation, which is set on fixed truths and the need to find "right" and "wrong" in order to retain its self importance.

      Having no need for defense, I am willing and daring to express these different perspectives. Our challenge right now is to go beyond agreeing or disagreeing… both keep us in the same virtual reality as we have been, causing stagnation and illusion.

    2. There are many perspectives, but the universe does not contradict itself. If your methods work for you, then more power to you. I prefer to commit to that which I have deconflicted, while remaining open to new information.

    3. If you were less stuck on your perspective, you would have read "SEEM to contradict", which I wrote... and it only seems that way to the linear, surface mind which you are using to contradict me.

      You are used to agreeing or disagreeing... we do that, as long as we have the need to defend our identity. You can have the last word, but you won't have shifted a single bit. That's not my purpose of having a conversation.


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