July 24, 2013

Working for a paycheck or seeking your passion?

I understand that this is a difficult subject and one that cannot be taken lightly. All of us, from a very early age, are guided towards “thinking about our future”, deciding, “what we want to become when we grow up”, finding the job that will ensure our survival and hopefully, finding the “secret formula” for attaining great wealth.

Most of us end up either struggling between jobs, doing something that we are not sure is our life’s passion or succeeding yet feeling that “there was something else that we were supposed to be doing”, despite the fact that we have accomplished financial and social security.

If I were to tell you - like many others do – to search for your passion and not think about the money because “money comes to you when you follow your dreams”, I would be one more “easy preacher” with an ego agenda, searching for followers, being totally unrealistic! In fact, you are not going to receive any advice or any easy answers from this article.

I am rather going to take straight out of the box, and tell you things that your linear mind cannot capture and which have never been synthesized before. So, fasten your seatbelts, for we are going to travel high and wide for a while.

(I really don’t like Word underlining my sentences telling me that my structure is wrong… someone please inform the program that right brain thinking or “out of the box thinking” does not fit in boxes!)

The fact is a rather simple one:

WHATEVER you do in your life, from cleaning the streets, to working in a factory, to structuring a very important project, to working for NASA, it is a part of your evolution, while your ego is kept busy judging you and categorizing everything that you do. It does not matter because everything matters! Do you understand this statement?

That was a rhetorical question, for unless you learn to synthesize your Self and see the bigger picture, you won’t know what that means. When you do begin to join the pieces, having rejected nothing, you begin to see the necessity of everything that you have done, everything that you left unfinished, everything that you chose or rejected at some point in your life, everything that crossed your path. They all add up to the grand puzzle of You; far more expanded and far more wholistic than you had ever imagined or known! But, each little piece on its own, as a whole (as the ego makes it) is meaningless.

Your greatest “enemy” is your own ego and its programming, which you have no idea how it works, what it does to you and how much it distorts reality... I mean SPECIFICALLY, in what way or ways. While you are busy judging yourself, categorizing as “negative” and “unworthy”, unable to really SEE your Self, life passes you by and you are left searching, wondering and doubting, not being able to give your whole potential, to whatever it is that you are doing.

This is how your training goes and this is how the establishment works:

· You are hooked on duality-based thinking, which is depriving you of synthesis, balance and expanded perception. Yet insights, solutions, new ideas, real answers, exist in joining the opposites and seeing through expanded vision (a whole subject of its own!) beyond duality or anything the focused, "lower" mind can capture.

· You are trained not to see that which is right in front of you.

· You are taught that all knowledge comes from the outside and that it's the only knowledge that counts. A chef with a diploma from the most exquisite school in Paris is worth much, more in social and financial terms, than the unknown housewife who works magic with her fantasy and self-learned expertise. You believe it and support it unconsciously.

· Educated only through your left-brain's functions and totally based on linear, analytical, surface thinking (even if you are right-brained), you stroll through life like a robot, thinking that you are self-aware and free. Categorizing everything and judging yourself, you unconsciously place too much on the “negative”, “worthless” side, totally unable to link the pieces, see the bigger picture and make use of what you really have and who you are.

I could go on to tell you all the usual New Age preaching; follow your dreams, seek your passion, express “who you are” and much much more that would leave you wondering, but too afraid (shy) to doubt any of this “spiritual” dogma. After all, part of your subconscious training is based on not questioning authority, not doubting the “knowers” and closer to our current thinking… “going within to look for answers”.

Within where? How? Is sitting in meditation for an hour each day going to reveal answers? You are already “going within”, where you meet the wall of your ego (criticism, doubts, self-rejection and self-importance, short-sighted vision etc.) and haven’t the slightest idea what to do with it except attempt to “silence the mind” as you are being urged to do.

If you are reading this, you have probably felt this way, you have already experienced disappointment and frustration, perhaps thinking that “you are doing something wrong” or that “you are incompetent of achieving, that which seems so easy for most folk”. Don’t be fooled by appearances and that which you do not know/cannot really see in other people, except what they want to reveal!

The truth is a little different…

· You have always known what your passion and your talents are; you are not trained to see that which is right in front of you and within you.

· You are ALWAYS doing that which you WANT to do, even when you believe you are not.

· In order to move from where you are right now to something or somewhere else, you must first appreciate, know and link the lessons learned, the insights gained and the meaning of "being where you are right now". These answers cannot come from the outside or someone else but only from the work you are willing to do yourself.

· You need to discover your subconscious beliefs on money, work, passion, play etc, in order to understand your own code of reference and how everything fits in the bigger picture of the puzzle of You!

I realize that I have just scratched the surface of this huge subject and that you will probably be left with more questions than answers after reading it. Apart from it being totally impossible to fit everything into just one article, I believe, as I have stated before that only through interaction can we get down to some really meaningful discussions, truthful answers and any “completion” whatsoever of any subject.

Therefore, your feedback is welcome… and for the more “prepared” ones, the Circle is waiting for your contribution, so that we may launch off to new horizons! 

Remember, it takes just two people to join the world... and this is a mathematical equation. Not "one"... as you are led to believe!

It was no coincidence that this video came to my attention this morning, while I was already writing this article in my head. So, I thought I’d play up my own words with this offering, to get you thinking, long and deep within yourselves.

Thank you for the feedback Manos and for initiating this subject. 

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