July 23, 2013

A few difficult questions

I would like to present you with a few probable subjects that we could discuss in future, in the form of articles that I could (or I will) write about.

As I would like this blog to be more inter-active and not a solo act, the following are many of the questions that have troubled me in the past, subjects that I realize need clarifying and issues that we have yet to solve on a collective level.

Feel free to comment on anything, to add your own thoughts or subjects of interest and especially think WITH yourselves, on these questions and/or subjects.

I am a very practical person and not into any theorizing at all. My interest is not merely to exchange beliefs and/or viewpoints but to make real changes in our perceptions and our lives. I hope you will join me in this venture, for as long as I can be here and share with you what I have learned so far and still learning, each moment.

In random order and in simple language:

· What is self-observation? Is it something we automatically know how to do? Is it really so important?

· Why are we getting sicker, more depressed and more alone despite all the information, the methods and practices and all the gurus offering their insights?

· Why are we still fighting wars (within ourselves, within our relationships, between countries etc.) with so much spirituality going around?

· What does a child REALLY need from us? The short answer is “we don’t know”.

· Why are all the aliens, angels, religious gods etc., not “saving” us?

· Why is cancer, heart disease, depression, addiction and so many other illness and syndromes still thriving and multiplying despite the development of medicine, alternative therapies and holistic approaches?

· Why can’t we REALLY communicate with each other on a deeper level?

· Is truth objective? If it is, why are we living in a world of war based on subjective truths? If it isn’t, how do we make peace with each other, within this Babel field of “truths”?

· Do we really understand each other when we communicate? Are we depending on agreement or disagreement to know?

· Does it really matter what we eat?

· How do we become the parent that every child wants to have?

· When do we stop learning? Theoretical answers won’t count…

· Do you think you know what dyslexia is just because you can identify the etymology of the word?

· Do intimate relationships really work?

· Are we a monogamous species?

· Can we live without insurance?

· Why are most of us living in debt?

· Is money really “the root of all evil”?

· Are the Illuminati and other conspiracies the real enemy?

· Do we tell ourselves “the truth and nothing but the truth”? What is honesty?

· Why unschooling? What is REALLY wrong with the educational system around the globe?

Yet, the most important issue of all is: are the answers to any of these questions, which you have given to yourself, really solutions or have you just found someone or something to blame? Do you feel at peace with your answers, knowing how to live each moment in harmony with life? Are your answers authentic, new and creative or something you believe, without actually knowing?

There are many many more subjects. The articles that will be written can be just fuses to spark off differentiated thinking… "out of the box". I still believe (and know in my heart and through experience) that no book or any amount of articles can really change the way we live. On the other hand, as stated in my latest article “On becoming wiser”, I know that information is necessary and the data that the mind collects, becomes, at some point, the trigger to move us out of our perceived comfort zone, into meaningful action.

This blog is the forefront of the first “Self Synthesis Circle” that is slowly being created, with the more "courageous" or outspoken ones, who are ready for massive changes in communication and in their lives. Here, on the blog, is where I share my insights, my own questioning and doubts, my learning through experience. Your feedback changes everything, as each person’s viewpoint is something I respect and take seriously, no matter what it is. We change through interaction, not by fleeing from life and/or each other.

I believe (and see) that we need to start thinking beyond the norm, start questioning our former opinions and ideas and dare to move into the unknown. I hope you will join me.


  1. I would like to add another point:

    How do we view, relate or feel about the work we do. Is work supposed to be an expression of our essence? If yes, how does one find it? Or simply something that we do mechanically for the paycheck at the end of the month?

    1. Great! I left out the "work" issue... this is a big one too.
      thanks :)

  2. Would it help parents if I took specific techniques and exercises and explained why they DO NOT work for dyslexic children?


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