March 26, 2015

Everything fractal

Just continue!

Remain present/observant!

Dare to be your Self!

Everything matters!

Let it go!

Start over again!

Dare to doubt EVERYTHING!

Choose again; all that remains real!

Everything continues!

All is new!

We get caught in opposites, without realizing it.

We cling to beliefs naming them truths.

We make masters out of our chosen foes and enemies, especially our mind, by intention.

We continue to be blinded by fake light.

We ignore paradoxes.

We name all that we pretend to know.

We raise false deities to avoid responsibility.

We are ignorant of the dream-worlds we carefully create.

We bypass all that seems simplistic, searching for complexity.

The farther we wander, the easier it is to "return"!

Xristiana Sophia

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