April 9, 2015

When the brain-mind investigates

The problem is that we attempt to investigate literally, using only half our brains.

But, there is always “not enough evidence to support our case” there, there are always many parts/pieces that don’t add up, as we continue to miss the real issue; the subjective meanings.

Literal? Objective? That can only be partial, “half the story”.

Subjective, unique? Life-changing? That can only become apparent way past the personal, the conscious and subconscious selective memory.

It takes work! Not so much to acquire a balanced state of awareness because many times that is given spontaneously, unexpectedly, beyond one’s conscious efforts or will. But more so to keep and continue cultivating it.

The journey itself is important. But where there is no clear purpose, many side-tracks, dead-ends and presence-choices along the way, can mimic destination.

Who will reveal them? How?

This is just an outline. Dialogues that arise from individual contribution will reveal the true meanings and extend our knowledge, making it our own through experience.
For members of the forum, the discussion is continued here.  

Xristiana Sophia

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