August 24, 2015

Learning to trust

People are always talking about “inner guidance” and “trust” and all those wonderful things. But in many cases, these seem generalized concepts or repetitive words that have very little meaning or remain distant to our everyday lives.

Only by mastering through experience can we be truthful and helpful to others, through our own daily choices and way of living. 

Fully trusting our own inner guidance, not belief systems (they are totally different in essence and vibrations), is to acquire a whole different set of thinking. It has nothing to do with our usual thought patters which are linear, based on reason and surface knowledge.

A trusting person usually is seen as a naive one. He doesn’t have ready, fixed answers to give and he doesn’t usually know what his next move will be. He doesn’t have a clear view of his life, definitely not his future, which he is open to and willing to explore, based on who he is and wants to be.

It’s amazing how many subjects fit into this single one of trust and inner guidance; we could say that practically every one fits: parenting, politics, education, society structures etc, etc.

When trust sets in and we can follow our own inner guidance only, many terms just don’t apply anymore and many words change meaning.

Can you really not define who you are?

Can you really not fall back on your beliefs to make a choice in the moment?

Can you not lose sleep over indecision?

Can you exist purely in the moment while all time (past and future) are on your mind too, as parts of a whole instead of linear perceptions?

Can you shift lightly and willingly when you discover that you are being led elsewhere than where you thought you were going?

Can the next moment remain totally unknown to you because you are not there yet?

Can you leave it all behind and at the same time remain devoted to it all?

There are many more question to be answered once we find ourselves in that precious moment when our mind, our hearts are filled with many emotions, thoughts, images; input coming from within and without.

Based on the way we are accustomed to thinking, there are many difficulties on this path and many challenges. Unless we can make out all the voices inside, being able to listen to them, know where and why they are coming from, being unafraid and observant, it is difficult if not impossible to hear our inner guidance.

It always comes softly, like a whisper, a light breeze, a lightness of the heart. But we need to have made peace with ourselves, our linear mind, everything else that is louder, easier to follow because we are used to it, because that is what we see around us.

Our inner guidance speaks to us for us, yet not excluding everyone and everything else. It is not advice that we can receive from others; it is usually not what we expect to hear. It is based on our own unique path that we need to follow, to be ourselves. Will we listen?

But before we do, before we can, there is work to be done....

Xristiana Sophia

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