August 11, 2015

The burden of choice

People often ask me why it takes so long to deprogram, to free the mind of the need of programming. It doesn’t! As with everything else, the concept is reversed.

We always seem to place the subject (ourselves) outside our thinking mode. This too is part of the programming. We imagine the problems to be outside and beyond our own self, whom we see as powerless, small and insignificant.

You can’t find the truth if you are worried about what you’ll lose by revealing it.
Logical isn’t it? Understandable, reasonable, acceptable. And yet, this conclusion is only intellectual. It doesn’t affect or change the way we are accustomed to thinking. Even though we have agreed on the above statement, we will nevertheless continue to ignore it in our daily, practical lives.

We are not all looking at new ideas from the same angle, nor from the same experiential reality. This makes them different, believable or not, usable or abstract…

“To stand alone” means only one thing: to have your own mind. No matter how many agree, no matter what others think of you, no matter where this takes you in life.

Illness is largely based on the fact that people choose not to possess their own minds. Of course, it’s difficult to admit, especially when you’ve reached some conclusions about life that you need to support or defend. Those will ultimately become your new chains. It’s unavoidable. You have to constantly keep your mind unattached, un-submitted, willing to move on, to explore further, to upturn everything that seems concrete, to let go of securities.

It’s amazing how we want to be free but at the same time sacrifice our lives for our beliefs; the virtual realities we consider truth.

It’s also amazing that we want to be free, using the same mind and same mechanics that we have used to bind ourselves up with chains invisible to the senses and hidden from the linear mind.

Looking out of my window, the sun is coming out, summoning a new day. What if this was your last day? What if you had to let go of all your plans, controls, possessions, knowings? What if your whole perception could change in a blink of an eye? Most of us can’t – don’t dare – even to imagine it. For imagination has no real place in a concrete, linear, sensual reality, which we think we know.

When people ask me what I am going to do in 10 or 15 years from today, I know that they are fearful, not living their lives but just trying to avoid death; in whatever form and meaning. This line of thinking is particularly evident in matters that concern children and their education, health issues and relationships; in that order mostly.

And yet, there is no one capable or powerful enough to captivate our mind than we ourselves are. There is nothing strong enough or imposing/authoritative enough, to keep us ignorant or weak, other than our own subconscious limitations and chosen beliefs. But most of us can’t handle that much responsibility, that much choice.

Freedom comes with a cost, with sacrifice, with commitment, with the willingness to exist beyond the norm, beyond the known. But people assume that they can have “the best of both worlds”, ready to dismiss anyone or anything that tells them otherwise. And the cycle repeats itself, as we remain permanent supporters of our own illusions.

Our health, our strength, our inner peace, our relationships, everything depends on the liberation of our mind. It is the only way we can liberate our world; humanity. Our willingness and commitment to peel away layer upon layer of programming, which always seems as truth at first, before we expose it. Yet, is just another code on the self-sustainable matrix. 

It’s too frightening to handle for most nor do they know where or how to even begin. The traps are more than assumed; the workings of the mind too complex and too hidden to be easily detectable. It will be avoided, until there is no other choice.

Because only then do we pay total attention. Only when there is no other alternative, no negotiable deal that we can use against our Self, will we commit. Only when enough illusions have been destroyed. Only when life takes from us enough of what we have named as important, essential, permanent, true; all that we have depended on. This too is part of the programming; our self-induced choice of focus.

It should be noted that most traps, deals, negotiations, or whatever poses as truth, surely don’t "shout out" that they are frauds or just temporary realities/programs, keeping us from opening our own inner sight and breaking our mind’s chains... We often find that what we have left behind are what we have priorly supported...

Xristiana Sophia

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