August 7, 2015

Fluidity...everything flows

Lately it's becoming "difficult" to write. Although many topics and so much information enters my mind and reality, none are forming into words, into articles.

The reason things seem static around us, not moving either fast enough or according to our desires, the reason thy don't become visible/detectable is because they haven't become whole yet. We fail to see the workings of movement beyond our expectations, fixed ideas or the details the left brain/mind is used to bypassing. Many students eagerly ask me, "when will I/things change?" and I need to point out the changes that they have missed, the shifts that their mind has missed.

Nothing is static and nothing moves backwards. The "back" and "forth" movements, when isolated, create illusions, space, time.

There are times when everything around us seems to be falling apart. This is, in multiple ways, being exploited and used by many conservatives and fearful, well-meaning individuals and groups, to prove their perception, gain from it, financially or by status (fame, ego-satisfaction). Anyone can easily fall into this trap.

A lot of what we are challenged to see nowadays is becoming more and more detailed. The left brain goes up to a certain point, after which it gets stuck and/or confused. The right brain goes past the specific words and dives into the essence, the meaning, the reality of the subject. It detects feelings and mind-sets, it bypasses differences and reaches intuition; an inner knowing that's unmistakable and not based on appearances or information directly given. Intuition is not instinct or hunches... it involves a whole lot more information details, images, pieces of the bigger puzzle, that normally cannot be recognized or synthesized withing the surface mind.

To detect all this, is to be willing to examine our own fears and beliefs, while reading/listening/engaging. To trust all this, is to have trusted in our own life, having observed its workings and all proofs which are provided to us, in very specific and understandable ways.

Writing books used to be easier... Very few have stood throughout time and still provide wisdom today. Writing articles became easier in the technological era. Now, spontaneous knowledge can only be communicated with those who are "in the right place at the right time", only from "heart to heart" and only in real time.

Articles form when the request for them becomes evident. Words are formed when there is reason to speak or read. Nothing is isolated and nothing is coincidental.

Ending this "non-article", I know that nothing has really been written, very little might have been understood, although so much is floating around in my mind, "loud and clearly". A more up-to-date contribution is offered on the facebook page on a daily bases.... for now!

Xristiana Sophia

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