July 8, 2015

Self induced captivity

It's practically impossible to show someone that which he doesn't want to see. And why should it be any different?

Some believe that there are people who just cannot see, even if they wanted to. But that is just not true, it's only a belief based on an inner superiority /interiority complex, which I will not go into right now.

Why wouldn't anyone (in their right mind) want to see? Plainly because continuing to see that which they already do, is – as they believe - to their advantage, which of course they don’t realize and reject the assumption.

But here's the catch! People ask their programmed minds for answers, not realizing that it only provides programmed answers; the ones it has been fed. They don't realize that their “taught” mind just echoes back the answers that they can understand and accept, without jeopardizing the trained ego in any way. It poses as the knower self. Who is to doubt it if there is no other and why?

It immediately puts up every defense mechanism in the book if you do, especially "proof", "scientific evidence”, past experience, ancient texts, others (multitudes) who believe the same (so it has to make it real or right).. And there you have it! The stubbornness of a knower, not willing to change his point of focus! “His”, because this is an archetypical masculine trait, regardless of sex..

Let’s take this further to help us understand… something the physical mind doesn’t like because it loves analysis and has difficulty combining “irrelevant” information…

The senses are very dominating. Most times you can't ignore them. You can ignore thirst and hunger for a while but not going to the toilet, for example. It seems that holding on to waste is the most crucial and threatening of all sensations of the body.

The physical mind is a reproduction of its senses.

You can and we do hold on to so much waste, that in the end we poison our lives and die painful deaths. Even from an early age, even though we don’t know how nor can we control most of our body/mind functions.

At first you realize, just like you know that you need a toilet nearby, and fast. But if you don't go on time, and you repeat this enough times, you eventually get used to feeling bloated, can't remember what it was like to feel light and the program has set in. The next “normal” thing to do is to start looking for answers, relief and “cures” somewhere else and in another time…

But no matter what you are doing, you need to stop and empty out. If you make a daily ritual/ positive habit of doing so, so much the better! You don't have to worry about being somewhere where you can't empty out when you need to.

Yet, we don’t synthesize, we don’t connect the dots, we are not taught to see similarities, to read symbols behind the apparent, linear, selective reality. Too much analysis doesn’t help understanding either. We need to totally reverse our way of thinking…and emptying out! There is no way to see, feel, think, do anything "lightly" before that... no matter what we try!

Waste & wealth...the one opposes the other, no matter how much we have! The physical mind follows the body and visa versa.

This is just the beginning of the subject or one "simple" glimpse of it!

Xristiana Sophia


  1. Thank you for presenting this subject, which has been so prevalent for me. The path to freedom and harmony is covered by this, however the veil can be drawn to reveal the truth. Coincidently this same issue came up this morning for me as I saw the way out yesterday and realised my error as humbly allowed myself to go deeper and surrender to the openness of the space which gave me the freedom to change my habitual programming. Blessings and Love

  2. The veil CAN be drawn, of course Keith, yet what few (still) realize is that this is not an end road; something we reach and remain there, gathering our rewards. It is continuous work, no matter who you are or what you have achieved.

    Thank you for this input!


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