September 25, 2015

Active, continuous meditation

We become impatient, frustrated, disappointed and so on and so forth because we consider whatever we choose to do as important and worthwhile; as if the whole world evolves around it. "Everyone should participate, care and take apart, as well as agree; see our point of view. They should become equally committed and enthusiastic or just as consumed by our "cause" or else they are opposite us; strangers.

When you can stand back and take a clear, objective look at the ego and how it thinks as well as reacts to everything, it seems so funny and childish. And yet, everything is so serious, demanding and dramatic for it. It's so easy to lose one's Self in issues, in details that become wholes and in subjective perceptions that seem objective and collective. It's amazing!

The previous is not "wrong" because commitment, passion and full devotion to our choices is essential, to be able to serve that which we do in life. What is needed is balance!

We need to consider time differently. It's not as we think: "first we commit and merge ourself fully in that which we are doing and THEN let go and detach from outcome." That's splitting time and ourself, helping to create matrices and losing ourself in them, which means leaking of energy, densing our aura and limiting our perception within the matrix; our perception from within the dream.

After this, it takes too much energy to center ourself again and widen our view, gathering our scattered pieces... this is where meditation comes in and other similar techniques, which seem to be essential and are beneficial. That is, IF we manage to discipline ourself and gain from "extra time" created for them! The return to attachment to the dream remains an equally easy, unconscious act because the senses and the mind get a good grip on us, making this world seem the only reality.

The challenge is to integrate both states equally, in the present moment, dissolving time. Act AS IF everything we do is a matter of "life and death", which of course, to a certain degree (within the dream) it is, giving it our full attention and commitment. At the same time and to the same level and extent (passion, commitment, devotion etc.) maintain our wider perception, retain our whole Self/consciousness; untouched and unmoved, holding the core essence of life and Spirit, guiding our Ego and offering to our Soul.

Keep the pendulum as still as possible, aiming for perfect balance between the two. When perfect "stillness" (as we: the linear mind perceives it), "staticity" (which anything all time is united and we can observe from without 3D reality) is gained, then we break the boundary of space, eliminating linear time. That's where we lift ourself out of the dream while remaining within it, changing the code, and at the same time liberating ourself from the grip of illusion. THIS is the power of NOW!

It's no easy task, for each fraction of a second, the pendulum sways. And one mere undetectable shift in degree creates other, new, geometrical shapes, adding to or subtracting from the matrix code (collective consciousness).

That's "active meditation"; to be and do at the same time, equally free and committed+++. To conquer time, to be within and simultaneously without space (roles, incidents, created realities etc).

All the above took much energy and concentration to visualize (download) and write. Even though it is inspired from experience, putting it all into practice and words, is equally, if not more challenging as we maintain our "dual" consciousness. Taming and guiding the Earth mind is no joke; it is a continuous effort, as we continue to exist within and without the dream. It DOES become easier though, as we realize the meaning of balanced living, inner peace and a clear, guided mind, free from attachment.

That which becomes more "difficult" (challenging) to hold, is the responsibility that begins to surface, with each revelation and opening of our mind/perception. That's where and when we realize the immense power that we can hold....

Xristiana Sophia

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